Dec 3, 2011

How to Make Moving Home Easier

Moving home can be extremely stressful, because as well as having to pack up all your belongings, organise the removalists, cancel your accounts with your utility providers and change your address with a whole host of different organisations, you also have to continue going to work and going about your normal day to day life. Make sure that when you move your contents insurance is up to date so that when the removalists shift your furniture and belongings that they are covered against any accidental damage.

Hire a removalist

The easiest way to move, by far, is to hire a removalist and have them do all the work for you. A can have a removalist pack your belongings too, although this will cost you extra. The benefits of having them do this, however, is that they will pack things properly so they won't get broken or damaged and they will have the right sort of boxes and packing materials. It will also save you from doing the heavy lifting when it comes to shifting your furniture, and once again, you will avoid items being damaged because the removalists will load the truck in such a way that they will fit more on while avoiding ruining any of your furniture. They will also have a truck and can move everything in one trip and they will have the right things to pack and stabilise your furniture when it is in the truck.

Moving yourself made easy

There is no reason that you can't move your furniture and belongings yourself. You can either hire a small truck, which you can drive with a normal license, or organise all your friends with utes. Make sure you have plenty of blankets to protect furniture and if you are using a trailer everything needs to be tied down properly. It's not difficult to move furniture and your belongings yourself, you just need to have the time and it does help if you can get either friends or family to help. Make a weekend of it and once it's all done treat your helpers to a big feast of take away food as an impromptu house warming. It is unlikely you will feel like cooking so take away Chinese or Thai food, pizza or fish and chips is perfect.

Start packing early

You don't realise how many personal items you have until you start trying to collect boxes to pack it all up. Moving is also a good opportunity to have a big clean out, so anything that you haven't used or worn in over six months should either go to the op shop or you could have a garage sale. Rather than waiting until the day before the move and frantically trying to pack everything start a few weeks in advance and gradually pack a bit at a time. Pack up those things that you don't use often first and other things like books or the clothes you currently aren't wearing because it's the wrong season.

Detailed lists

It also helps to make detailed lists of everything you need to do before and after the move. This includes things like changing your address with your bank, on your drivers license and with all the other organisations you are with, and arranging for the utilities to be switched off in your old house and turned on in the new one.

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