Dec 13, 2011

How to Make an Office Clutter-free?

Clutter and stress are synonymous to each other. The more the clutter, the more stressed you will feel all the time. We are making our life complex by adding to the already existing clutter, whether it is in the home or in office. We can simplify our life just by making a few simple choices and maybe bringing a couple of changes. Organizing things and tasks simplifies our life at work and at home.

Clutter leads to visual interference and mental chaos. It can distract you from work and make you feel lethargic at times. Clutter is considered as the major hindrance to productivity. Here are a few ways to cut clutter in the office. These tips will surely help you in making your office paperless.

Going paperless One of the easiest ways to cut the clutter in the office is to go paperless. In today's echo-friendly world when everything is going green, going paperless will add to the overall endeavor of protecting trees. You can install a scanner to transform your documents into electronic files. This will save the space for other productive purposes.

Rent a storage space nearby
Storage units can help free up spaces in office and lessen clutter. You can make a list if things and documents that you need very rarely or once in a year or two. Rent a storage space near your office for storing these less needed things. Things like unused furniture, computers, ladders, saws, drills and other power tools can be stored in the London Storage.

Daily maintenance
Purge any old/unneeded files, paperwork as soon as you find them useless. Clean your office desk and look for things that you will be needing very frequently. Take two cardboard boxes and keep the less used files in one box and the often used files in the other. Throw the junk mails and envelopes in the dustbin lying under your desk unnoticed and empty for months. Keep the minimum of essential items.

A well managed and clutter-free work space is way more productive to a cluttered work space. Try to note things down on a note pad instead of trying to remember everything. Books can be sorted on a book shelf, arranging them by author name or genre. The less clutter you are surrounded with, the more productive you will become at work. You need not incur expenditure to transform your office into a clutter free zone. It is just a matter of being organized in whatever you do.
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Jona said...

Yah I need to throw all my boys' papers around to avoid clutter. The sentimantal in me find it hard to throw papers or my sons' art. Taking a photo of their works would be helpful. Thanks!

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