Dec 8, 2011

8 Great Improvements to Make to Your Garden

Make the most of your garden, and give yourself somewhere to relax and play, by making some simple improvements. There are lots of different things you can do, from planting trees for shade, erecting a pergola or even, if your budget allows, putting in a pool. Remember, with a pool, as well as the continual maintenance, there are additional expenses, such as a pool filter, plus the cost it's going to add to your water bill when you initially fill it.


It's not much of a garden if you don't have any plants. If you feel your garden is lacking something, or if you have just built a house on a vacant block, it is important to do something about the landscaping. With a brand new home it is a good idea to start putting in your garden as soon as you can so it gives it plenty of time to get established. You can hire a landscape designer, who will create a backyard haven for you, taking in to account your budget, the climate, the slope of your block and the style of your home. Otherwise you can do it yourself. There's plenty of advice out there, both online and in books.


Having a patio or veranda will give you somewhere to get out of the sun while you are in your garden, and a great place to relax. It is also a good idea to have a patio or veranda so that you can have your own outdoor entertainment area. Build or place your barbecue under the patio so that you can use it no matter what the weather, and also keep your outdoor furniture protected from the elements.

Vegetable garden

A vegetable garden will not only provide a splash of colour in your yard but it will also provide you with an almost endless supply of vegetables when the season is right. Start preparing your soil in winter, adding plenty of fertiliser to your soil, and just before spring you will be ready to plant a whole variety of vegetables. There is nothing quite like home grown vegetables, plus it will help save you some money on your weekly grocery bill.

Play area

Build a play area for your kids. It will encourage them to get outside and out from in front of the television. It will mean they get some fresh air and some all important exercise. You can build a cubby house, tree house, put in swings and other equipment, and even leave aside a garden plot for them to plant their own flowers or vegetables.


Create pathways through your garden by putting down paving. It is a good idea to have pathways to the areas that you use the most in your garden, such as a path to your clothesline or the garden shed. This will stop you from wearing a track through your lawn.


If you have the space and the budget then why not consider putting in a pool. Australia is a lucky country with a climate that lets pool owners get a lot of use out of their swimming pool, so it will be money well spent. A pool will not only help keep you cool this summer, it is also a good excuse to have friends over and it will increase the value of your property.

Outdoor kitchen

For the ultimate outdoor luxury you should put in an outdoor kitchen. As well as your barbecue you can put in a large bench space, with a weather proof bench top, a sink and even a bar fridge. If you entertain a lot it will make your life much easier.

Somewhere to relax

Importantly you should consider creating somewhere you can relax. Separate your garden into 'rooms', with an area for children to play, the entertainment area and then a quiet corner with a comfortable hammock or outdoor lounge for you to rest, read or even sleep.

Any improvements you make to your garden will not only increase the value of your property, but also increase your use and enjoyment of your garden.
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