Jun 27, 2019

Why buying a flat in Mumbai is a good investment?

Mumbai is the city of dreams. A lot of people arrive every day with dreams in their eyes to change their life. Every day they hope that today will be different, today will be their day, today the city will make enough room for their dreams to come true and sustain. In a crowded city over 20 million people space is understandably at a premium rate and finding a place to stay is harder than you think. But the price for real estate in Mumbai has never really bothered the widely accepted demand and supply formula as the city is always changing, moving and scaling to ever new heights in terms of comfort and livability.
The property market in Mumbai has witnessed a massive boom. Towering apartment complexes with excellent infrastructure, amazing amenities, jaw-dropping interiors are popping up in the main city as well as in the suburbs. Residential apartments near Khardi, Dhamani, Borivali, Bhiwandi, Thane are also on high demand. Despite the high realty prices, Mumbai features the top in the list of favourable investment destinations in the country for many reasons as discussed below:

1. Considerably high ROI:
Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and home for several offices and headquarters of major businesses. People migrate here from various parts of India for livelihood. Though flats within 20 Lakh in Mumbai seems to be impossible, there are trusted real estate developers who are investing in the nearest suburbs of the city and building homes with all modern amenities and selling it at affordable prices. Owning even a small flat in Mumbai seems to be a foolproof investment opportunity where you can only expect profit.
2. Connectivity and transportation:
Mumbai never sleeps and neither its public transports. Though Mumbai roads are shockingly congested and poorly maintained the exceptionally well public transports help people to reach their destinations easily. Local trains are the most popular and quickest way of commuting in Mumbai. From 4 in the morning to 2 in the night, the trains are always at your service. Metros, monorails will also help in easy commuting in the upcoming future. Civic infrastructure such as roads and highways are improving at fast pace reducing traffic woes. Excellent connectivity is another reason Mumbai is a good investment option. The city is also well connected to every corner of the country through roads, rail and air transport.

3. Affordable housing in amazing locations:
Affordable residential apartments are gaining popularity in Mumbai due to huge demand. Since buying a property is an expensive and long term investment, be sure about what is your purpose to buy it. If you want a home close to your workplace then Bandra, Andheri or Nariman Point would be a good choice. Naturally, the property value here will be soaring to the sky. But just a few miles away from the main city, you can find residential flats within 20 lakhs near Khardi or Dalkhan away from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by greenery with mind-blowing amenities and easy connectivity through highways and railways. Mumbai is so beautifully connected to almost every location nearby, your home will eventually be in a good location to enjoy life to the fullest living in the middle of all the happenings.

So, if you are thinking to buy a property in Mumbai, this is the time because with fast approaching future developments, the prices of the apartments are expected to spike.

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