Jun 27, 2019

Key Tips To Consider When Designing Your Stairs

Is your stair a hero in your home?A staircase is much more than just a functional way of getting around your home or commercial lot. Homeowners and guests can have the freedom to explore multiple floors with ease thanks to a well-built staircase, but it’s the well-designed ones which can truly make an impact on your chosen environment.

The way you design your own stairs can create different looks and alter the mood within a room. The opportunities are endless when it comes to designing your own staircase, you can use an app, a website like this staircase design online service, design your own staircase with an architect, and have your stairs custom built to exactly how you want them.
Therefore, without further ado, we are going to give you some pointers on what to consider when creating your dream set of stairs.

Innovative use of space

Just because you have a large staircase in your home it doesn’t mean you have to lose the space underneath it. There’s a variety of constructions you can create to help open up your environment and make it feel bigger. A nook can be created to provide kids with a small play hub or filled with books and a daybed for a cozy retreat. Creating more open space will enhance the feeling of space in your room and change the overall dynamics of the room.

As an alternative, you could also create an enclosed space under the stairs which can have a function or be used as a quiet retreat. Add glass doors to create a stylish wine cellar, cover up with cupboard doors to create a cloakroom or add a stable type door to create a small play environment for children.

Public domain or private

A staircase can put in place an unspoken barrier which can either invite or discourage guests from using the stairs. Just altering the design can give a different impression as to whetherit is considered appropriate to ascend to the upper floor.

By creating stairs in such a way that the top layer is in effect hidden from view, guests may be curious of what lies at the top of the stairs but at the same time know that whatever at the top of the stairs is private unless invited.

Add more to your stairs

Materials and structural costs for building a staircase can vary enormously but even low budget builds can still achieve an aesthetically pleasing look and feel.
Little extras can completely change the look of your staircase and make it more of a focal point in your home. Strips of LED lights are a popular option which adds a glow to your stairs and softenssome decor choices. Although the bulbs will require maintenance it’s a decor choice which can add extra sparkle for parties or annual festivities.

Another finishing touch for your staircase could be carpet or timber flooring. These aesthetics can be used to blend your staircase in by matching the color carpet to your landing or hallway or make it stand out by using a contrasting color or material.

Whichever design you choose, make your stair the hero of your home. 

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