Jun 27, 2019

How to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Being comfortable in your own home is definitely its most important aspect. Having everything you need, everything being practical, functional and well-designed is what people mostly focus on.

But once you make sure your house is just by your measure on the inside, you might want to pay some more attention to the way it looks from the outside. It will much nicer for you to look at your home from outside and enjoy what you see.

It will also make your neighborhood look better and maybe even inspire your neighbors to do the same. Here are a few tips from DlouhyDoors Inc. on how to make the exterior of your house look better without spending a fortune.

Green is Your Friend

If you want to add some life to the looks of your house with minimum investment, you can try adding some new flowers and greenery.

It really doesn’t have to be too expensive, nor does it have to demand a lot of effort. Find the plants that are easy to maintain, yet look good and effective. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole new garden. A few window boxes in the right places will actually do a great job.

You can also use planters, standing or hanging ones, depending on how much space you have. On top of this, your lawn can also contribute to your house’s appeal, so make sure it’s well maintained.

Light is the Key

In architecture, light is one of the secret weapons, one of the accessories which give a completely new look to the same old place. So lights can do the same to your house.

Location, angle, strength, nuance, all these play part in creating the overall visual effect. That means that a dark entryway is definitely not an option if you want the exterior of your house to be more appealing. You can try with new hanging lamps or light posts.

Also, since the light makes every detail visible, make sure you clean everything in front of your house, including the spider webs, as it all contributes to the overall impression.

Look at the Doors

The door is one of the first things people notice about a house. If you are not in the position to get a new door, try to refurbish and repaint the old one.

You can add some cute and funny sign if it matches the rest of the image. You can also get a new nameplate, maybe even a new doorbell. The main door of your house is not the only one you can redecorate.

You can do the same with your garage door by repainting it. Of course, it would be great to get a new garage door as there as so many beautiful and affordable solutions, but until that happens, simply changing its color gives a new life to the place.

Don’t Forget the Details

This really shouldn’t require too much time nor money but could do wonders for your house’s new look. You can start from such small things which are yet the first to notice, such as your house number. You can start by getting a new plate, in a different color and with a different font.

While you’re there, you can consider getting a new mailbox, or redesigning the one you have already got by painting it or adding some cute new details. You can also think about freshening up your fence.

You don’t have to paint it all or get a new one, but you can definitely add a bit of color in some places, put some plate or hang the lights.

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