Jun 25, 2019

Cleaning Sisal Floor Covers: Step by Step Process

Sisal is produced from the leaves of Agave plant and is a trending choice for making rugs, carpets and other floor covering options. Its earthy and rustic look makes up for an aesthetically pleasing home décor settings to augment the interiors of a place.

Sisal rugs are generally not that difficult to maintain. Vacuuming every other day or beating the dust gently out of the carpet with the help of rug beater, does just fine to take care of its basic cleaning needs. Apart from this, you need to prevent it from getting wet as moisture can damage the building fabric. In case of spills, immediately blot the wet spots to avoid staining and moisture to set in.
Here's all you can do to maintain your sisal carpets well.

Daily use maintenance options

1.   Removing the dust and debris by shaking: If you feel the major dust built up on your favourite rug then you can simply need to carry it to an outside spot and shake off the debris. This is the easiest method to take off the dry dust although it might get you a little dirty in the process.

2.   Beat the carpet: While the method of shaking should help you get rid of large debris, however, for the finer particles, you might have to resort to this next method which is beating. All you need to do is to hang your sisal rug or carpet in an open yard or terrace and use a rug beater or a cricket bat to remove the fine dust from it. Move section by section till the whole carpet is covered. 

Although beating a rug is not always a viable option but if you do not have a vacuum or your carpet is laid in some high traffic zone then the occasional use of this method would do just fine for your cleaning requirements.

3.   Vacuuming: Beating the rug too often can take a toll on the fabric leading it to wear down faster. Vacuuming is a much better alternative from all the given options. Use of suction vacuum is recommended for the job, a strong setting should be able to take off even the deep set in dust particles from the carpet. 

Vacuuming 2 – 3 times a week should be enough to prevent the dust buildup and maintain their pristine condition for a long time to come.

Stain treatment

1.   Blot the spill: Moisture is deadly for Sisal. If there is a spill, blot it right away. The more it seeps in and blotches the carpet, the difficult it will be to remove it. Also, avoid the practice of rubbing over the moisture as it will only cause it to penetrate further.

2.   Stain treatment: In case you notice the stain developing (there will be a noticeable change in colour) then use a sponge to apply mild fabric detergent on the affected area. Make sure that the PH value of the cleaner is 7. You can also use a solution of vinegar and warm water to treat the area. Ensure to immediately dry the rug post-treatment.

Following these simple practices should help you keep your Floorspace sisal rugs in a brand new condition for a long time. 

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