Jun 11, 2019

5 Favorite Furniture Styles

A variety of furnishings have been popular throughout the years. If you are having trouble choosing a style that reflects your personality and feels comfortable in your surroundings, here is a review of some classics that you may want to consider.



Also known as Arts and Craft furniture, mission style is recognized by its simplicity. Constructed of wood in rich finishes, and brandishing an array of slats and pegged joints, mission is classic in its simplicity. As far as arts and crafts furniture bay area shops have a great variety. This style of furniture works great in cottage homes.
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Made popular in the mid 1900s, Eames style furniture is spare and clean. Rounded corners and lightly padded for comfort, there are a great choice for those who prefer a minimalist approach.



Styles such as Queen Anne, French, Baroque and Victorian furnishings tend to have a very luxe feel. Featuring ornately carved wood and fabrics such as velvet and silk, corded edges and elaborate tufting, these pieces are quite at home in an estate or luxury home

Country or Farmhouse


One of the most trendy styles is farmhouse. Casual and a bit distressed, this furniture can take a little more abuse. Chippy or shabby chic finishes have a charming aura and work great for households with kids or pets. Linen is a common upholstery and drapery fabrics. Almost any antique pieces fit well with this style.

English Cottage


Similar to farmhouse style, English cottage has a comfortable and worn in feel, and may also incorporate ruffles and vintage floral patterns, cabbage roses and peonies being the most common. Large pieces such as armoires or blanket chests are also typical.

Now that you have reviewed a few different types of furnishings, evaluate the options that might work in your home. With a little bit of planning your home can become a welcoming haven for friends and family.

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