Jun 19, 2019

What is a Dafi bottle made of

Filtering water is slowly becoming a routine. More and more often, we can meet people in the street, at school or at work drinking water from Dafi filter bottles. A product is open - access and that is why everyone can have convenient and fast purifying tap water which can be drunk without any concerns about pollution.

What is filtering for?

This process is used to eliminate heavy metals, iron, pesticides, stone and unpleasant chlorine odor from tap water. Bring water in plastic bottles is not a bad option but it is connected with high costs and supporting littering the environment. In the case of filter bottles it is enough to fill them with tap water which is available in many places and a filter mounted inside will purify it. As a result, we gain clean, healthy water.

Filtered water used to clean the hair, limits the deposition of heavy metals on the hair, which means that it does not break or split.

Advantages of a filter bottle

One of the most important pluses is that it can be taken everywhere- because it is enough to fill it just with tap water. It has an ergonomic shape and that is why it is good in your hand- it is perfect for exercising in a gym or during running. A mouthpiece is hermetic and equipped with a cover, which additionally protects against water spillage. The bottle can be kept in a sports bag or a bag. It was mainly designed for people having active, sporty lifestyle, but it will be great for all who want to ensure proper hydration of the body. It can be used by children without any obstacles - it is available in a 0.3 liter variant, so it will fit into a backpack.

Another advantage is a price. A filter should be exchanged every month- a set of two filters with a mouthpiece is available in a similar price.

What does a Dafi filter bottle consist of?

A Dafi bottle consists of: a carbon filter, a cover with rotary date indicator (reminds to replace the filter) and a mouthpiece. The bottle is made of an elastic material free of harmful bisphenol A. The activated carbon contained in the filter is obtained from coconut shells.

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