Mar 11, 2019

Telling signs that alert you about hard water problems

The quality of water used for general purpose at home is as much important as the quality of drinking water. Although many people are conscious about using the right quality of potable water because they perceive it as a health requirement often they fail to treat other water sources in a household with the same seriousness.  Water exposure affects the body and health not only if you drink it but also if you use it for washing and gardening because it can affect the skin. You must only use good quality water at home and stop using hard water which poses health hazards.

Firstly, you must be sure of not using hard water, and it does not require any testing to know if it is creating problems. There are some definite signs that hard water leaves behind and by knowing it, you can quickly find out if you are using hard water. In case you are doing it, arrange to install some water softening device like the 5600sxt by Fleck Water softeners to ensure soft water supply throughout the home.
Smell and taste of water is unusual

That the water quality is not up to the mark becomes evident when the water smells or tastes different. It could be due to some bacteria, or it is hard water. Too much of iron in water gives it a metallic taste.  When water tastes of rotten eggs, it is due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas or sulfates formed by some bacteria reacting with magnesium. If the water tastes like dirt, it could be due to sediment or algae formation in pipes if the pipes are too old.

Stains in sinks and on porcelain

Brown and reddish stains on sinks, basins, and toilet bowls are a sure sign that you have hard water problems. The color of stains tells you that it is due to iron in hard water because the color has a close resemblance to rust.  Although you can use vinegar and elbow grease to remove the stains, it will come back again unless you can get rid of hard water.

White and hard water spots

If you notice white and hard spots left behind on the sink apron after the water evaporates it means that calcium in water has seated in place. Moreover, if you see nasty soap scrum accumulating at different places it is because of hard water as the chemicals in soap do not mix with the minerals in the water. Similarly, if there are spots on the dishes, the quality of water is to blame.

Pipes clog frequently

Pipes can get clogged over time, but if there is frequent clogging, it is due to the poor quality of water that contains too many minerals and forms scales inside pipes. The scale build-up restricts the water flow and eventually blocks pipes completely. The problem is mostly with iron and galvanized pipes and less with PVC and copper pipes.

Installing a softener at home can take care of all the issues you face with hard water.

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