Apr 4, 2019

Top Tips for Selling Your Luxury Home

It is a common misconception that life is rosy for those luxury home owners that are at the top end of the market – but owning a million-pound property does not come without its woes, particularly when it comes to trying to sell it. Selling a large property requires lots of patience and preparation, in order to ensure you are presenting the best possible product.

Understandably, luxury homes are on a whole other level of real estate meaning they require a whole other level of attention when it comes to trying to sell them. Here are some strategies which are designed to help luxury home owners when it comes to selling their property in order to make the process as quick and stress-free as possible.


As with all homes, if a luxury home isn’t priced right from the beginning, it can be detrimental to the timing of the sale and the overall price.If the home is not priced competitively enough, it will become stuck on the market which develops a stigma particularly within the local area. This will result in your luxury home not looking so luxurious anymore and it will become increasingly harder to sell.

Make sure your agent provides data to back up any pricing recommendations. To ensure that the price is right, an in-depth comparative market analysis, must be carried out on your luxury home in order to determine a competitive or aggressive starting price.

Depending on the location of the home, the market you are operating in, and the types of amenities in your luxury home, pricing will always be variable. Due to the uniqueness of each house, it may be difficult to compare with other luxury properties which is why thorough marketing analysis is imperative.

Create a Buyer Profile

It is fundamental to appeal to a range of potential buyers. Building a profile of who might fit the home will help homeowners more effectively market it. It does not help a seller to show a home to potential buyers when it may not meet important requirements, such as being close to a desired location, school or not having a separate space for those who operate their own business from home. Creating a buyer profile will help in selling a home as it currently stands or in making upgrades that will attract a target buyer.

Prior to putting your property on the market, it is advised that you use a residential conveyancing solicitors to ensure that there are no underlying issues with the building. This could be anything from structural damage to poor groundworks and hidden mould which will affect the pricing and the sale of the building.

Insist on Professional Photography

To properly showcase a luxury home, a luxury agent should engage in the services of a professional photographer. This photographer can not only showcase your home in the best light (literally) but can provide a quality tour.

With digital exposure so critical to the sale of your home, having quality photographs are more important than ever before and essential to the sale of your home. Clients will judge whether or not they want to look at your home based on the photos and videos that they engage with from the use of their laptop, tablets and smartphones.

Offline Marketing for your Luxury Home

Marketing shouldn’t stop at high-quality pictures and videos for your luxury home. Direct mail and print advertising still remain an integral part of reaching specific demographics.

Offline advertising for luxury homes needs to be done in locations where luxury home buyers will be looking.

Local luxury home magazines and newspapers associated with the market that are interested in buying luxury homes are ideal places to advertise. A luxury agent will provide a service of creating high-quality marketing flyers and adverts that will highlight the key features and benefits of your home.

Be Patient!

No matter what the market conditions are, sellers often feel an urge to rush the process, becoming highly impatient along the way. Selling your property is not a quick process and won’t happen overnight. Feeling pressured to sell your property quickly will lead to unnecessary stress causing you to overlook important market trends that could be crucial to making a sale.

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