Apr 12, 2019

Choosing Saltwater for Your Personal Pool

Having a personal pool can be a blast. You can host your own parties and stay cool during those hot summer months. But owning a pool comes with lots of responsibility. When it comes to maintaining your personal pool, there are several options of chemicals to choose from. Chlorine has been a typical choice for many pool owners, but saltwater has become more popular in recent years. Here are some things to think about when considering using saltwater for your personal pool. 

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How It Works


Saltwater pool systems are not completely chlorine free, but they do use significantly less and the process is different. The salt water passes through an electrical current, turning the dissolved salt into the agents that sanitize your pool of bacteria and dirt. This method uses a chlorine generator with a saltwater chlorinator, and it continues to generate chlorine until the salt is used up. This allows you to better manage your pool's chemical levels rather than just dumping chlorine directly into your pool. It also tends to be gentler on the skin. 

How to Maintain


Make sure you explore your options before making a decision. You can find a supply store that carries saltwater generators pittsburgh with experts who can give you more information. With any pool system, it is important to maintain the right chemical balance and make sure the equipment is working properly. You have to clean the system and check the chemical levels regularly. Saltwater pools typically require less energy and are easier to treat than chlorine pools. Although they are easier to maintain, if problems arise saltwater system maintenance could require the assistance of a professional. 

It is important to consider all of your options when choosing how to maintain and care for your personal pool. Saltwater generators are an excellent option to deal with pool maintenance with fewer chemicals. 

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