Apr 19, 2019

Get Your Kids Into Fitness With These Fun Activities

Kids have so much energy they need to channel somewhere. The best way to channel their energy is through fitness activities. Teaching children about the importance of staying fit from an early age is key to their future health.

Kids every age, including toddlers love to chase each other around. As they grow they turn this into playing tag, and later on into playing sports like football or basketball. The more they move, the more fit they stay and their joy with spending energy on something both healthy and fun grow.
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However, some kids are naturally less inclined to pursue sports or engage in physical activity. Some don’t like the pain while others don’t like to sweat. Others just don’t see the appeal.

Even kids who enjoy one type of sport may not enjoy other physical activities, such as gym classes. Therefore, finding an activity that will get your child moving is the biggest challenge. Fortunately, experts at MyGym Poway stepped in with some useful advice.

Children often expect some sort of instant gratification from the activities they are participating in. Without that, they might be less inclined to pursue them. Same goes for sports. They might understand that running might help build strength and control their weight. But sometimes that isn’t enough for them.

The best way to motivate kids to engage in sports is for it to be fun. That is the sort of instant gratification kids understand and actively pursue. That’s why they might be reluctant to run at the PE class but will gladly play tag out on the street.

In this article, we’ll share five fun and challenging games for your kids to engage in. They are highly appealing to most young ages and can be played in large groups of kids with different physical abilities. They usually involve running but with a twist that makes them appealing to kids.

Crazy Kickball

Crazy kickball is played just like regular kickball, with a little twist. In every team, there will be a few kickers who don’t run. The rest of them start running at the same time. They all touch bases but choose which ones to touch. If they score they are to keep going and try to score once more.

As the runners round up the bases, the defense team can get up to three outs. This game is fun because kids can run together and parents like it because all the kids are involved. And with all the running, you’ll soon find out why it’s called “crazy”.

Cat’s Corner

This game is similar to dodgeball; therefore, kids won’t need too much time to learn the rules. The throwers, called cats in this game, are trying to hit the runners (you guessed it – mice). Runners start at the corners of the playing field and wait for the signal before they run to the opposite corner while avoiding the balls being thrown around. Kids like it because it’s a fun twist on dodgeball, but it involves more running and physical activity.

Capture The Ball

Similar to the concept they are familiar with from video games, this game involves three footballs on both side and not a flag. The goal of the game is to capture all six balls to your side of the field. This game involves a lot of cooperation, which is why kids love it. Parents love it because the game is so unpredictable, it can keep kids going for hours.

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