Apr 9, 2019

Event Planning for Greek Life

Greek organizations on campuses across the country have events quite frequently. Sororities and fraternities have been around for hundreds of years and still attract college students. Exciting and engaging activities are used as informational sessions to increase retention rates. Many people are wary of Greek life, but it is difficult to critique something without first-hand experience. These organizations may recruit the services of a college event planner to re-invent the brand on campus. The types of events thrown are only limited to existing guidelines on campus and one’s imagination.
college event planner
Recruiting Events


At the beginning of the school year, most universities allow all student organizations to recruit underclassmen and other interest students. Most of these groups generally have a table, business cards, and papers with additional information. A college event planner can spice up these areas and create a more captivating experience for potential recruits. Creating events that reach a broad audience may be enough to ensure a reasonably sized recruitment class for your fraternity or sorority.

Throwing Initiation Parties


Going through pledge class is an incredibly rigorous process and not designed for many to complete. At the end of each semester, Greek life is notorious for throwing elaborate parties for new initiates. A college event planner may be able to help throw an event that no one will ever forget. Since these are professionals in this arena, an event planner should be able to make the most out of available space. These parties are often thrown at Greek houses unless they are considered to be dry houses.

Organizing Philanthropic Events


Fraternal and sorority life is not necessarily all fun and games. Like-minded individuals who are fortunate enough to attend college and pay for dues should give back to communities. Event planners can help Greek organizations throw events which are more socially conscious. Assisting others with these types of events is one of many ways these organizations can remove long-lasting stigmas. 

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