Apr 19, 2019

Have Your Rental Home Clean to Get That Deposit Back

If you have rented a home or a vacation house, chances are that you needed to put down a security deposit. This is an insurance measure by the owner of the house you have rented that you won’t cause damage to the property while you are there.

When you are leaving the house, the owner will want to come in and inspect the place before returning your security deposit. One of the things they will certainly be looking at is how clean the place is.
Move out cleaning

We asked Geaux Maids for some quick and easy cleaning tips for a vacation house.

Take Out the Trash

Even though this seems like it is not particularly important, it can make a world of difference to a homeowner. This applies to every room in the house, but it is especially important in the kitchen.

We have a perception of the kitchen as a clean and tidy room, where we can prepare our food and eat it. And having a lot of trash around clashes with this image.

Wipe the Floors Spotless

One of the largest surfaces in a house are the floors. And the best thing about the floors is that you can clean them and make them shine fairly easily and quickly. A clean and shiny floor can transform a room from a dull place into a spotless and clean place.

Just be sure that you are using the right kind of cleaner for the right floor, especially if the house has a combination of hardwood and tiled floors.

The Kitchen

Probably the most important room in the house, the kitchen will be under additional scrutiny. Start with the fridge and get rid of all of your unused and half-used items. Wipe any stains off the fridge, and make it look shiny and new.

Your stove, oven, and microwave will also need a bit of cleaning, especially if you have been using them extensively.

There are really good cleaning products to get rid of grease and burn stains specially made for ovens and stoves. When it comes to the microwave, heating a bowl of water with some lemon in it for about a minute will loosen any stains left in it, and make them easier to clean.

Double-check that all of the appliances work well, and replace any missing or broken lightbulbs.

The Bathroom

Another room which can make a huge difference is the bathroom. Most people don’t like cleaning bathrooms, but cleaning professionals argue that it is one of the simplest rooms to clean, if you know how.

At the start of your cleaning, put some toilet cleaner into the bowl and let it react while you do other things. This way, it will have maximum time to do its job, and you will save some time.

Getting rid of water stains by applying some vinegar and water solution is an old trick, but it is a very effective one and it is fairly cheap, too. The only problem is the smell, so make sure that you ventilate the place well, and that you wash the walls and the floor with a nicely scented detergent.

Other Considerations

If there are coffee stains, you need to use warm water and cloths. The common wisdom is to soak the stain and blot it instead of rubbing. Repeat until the stain is removed.

Coconut oil can cover up some smaller scratches on the wood, ideal for tables and chairs.

A rubber glove can be of help if you have a problem with pet hair sticking to everything. Just put the glove on and drag it gently over the surfaces like upholstered furniture or carpets.

Move out cleaning is not very fun and it is hard to find motivation, but getting your security deposit back can be a pretty compelling reason, so take these tips into consideration.

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