Apr 9, 2019

Improve Your Room’s Appearance

It is common for people to desire periodic upgrades to their home. Making changes can bring a breath of fresh air to a room and revive a person’s attitude. It can be expensive to make major renovations, but homeowners can make less costly improvements such as solar shades New York or new rugs to refresh a space without breaking the budget. Here are three straightforward ways to renew the look of a room.
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Change Pillows

Getting new pillows for the sofa can be subtle but significant. If the old pillow fabric is a neutral color, opting for bright shades or even prints can bring a new vibe to the family room. If there are no pillows on the couch or in the armchair, adding them can bring in a few soft touches that can brighten a room and take away the doldrums.

Move Furniture

Simply rearranging the furniture costs nothing except time and has been known to lift spirits. Moving larger pieces away from the wall or setting the chairs at an angle can make a room feel cozier and encourage conversation. Moving lamps to different locations is an interesting way to let light change a room’s ambiance.

Modernize Coverings

A wooden floor can be softened by a rug, and carpeted flooring can benefit from a strategically placed throw rug as well. There was a time when placing a rug over carpet was unheard of, but carpeting can be enhanced by a rug’s texture or color. Similarly, rethinking window coverings can change the overall impression of a room. Heavy draperies in dark colors conjure a sense of stodginess, while simpler, lighter window coverings can open up a space and make it seem friendly and relaxed.

Whenever the urge to make changes in the environment strikes, it can be fulfilling to try simpler changes rather than purchasing all new furniture or tackling a major paint job on all the walls. Before taking a bite out of the budget, try simple changes to renew your home and sensibilities.

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