Apr 12, 2019

Remodeling Your Bathroom the Easy Way

The idea of remodeling your bathroom is exciting and leads to all kinds of fantasies about your dream powder room. However, when the reality of the overhaul hits you, those dreams may seem unattainable and overwhelming. At times like this, it is nice to know there are easy ways to make a difference without changing every fixture. Instead of planning for new flooring and tile, look at bathroom vanities in milwaukee instead and see how one decision can create a whole new room.
bathroom vanities in Milwaukee
Try a New Material

Whatever your existing vanity is made of, go with something different for a completely new look. Look to natural stone materials for long-lasting elegance or wood for a rich, warm tone. With a variety of colors and textures available, the ability to revamp your space is limited only by your imagination.

Plan Ahead


As you consider replacing your old vanity, make a note of the improvements you hope to see and experience. Having a basic plan written down ahead of time will serve you well when you begin shopping for your new addition and initiate conversations with any contractors you hire.

Leave the Plumbing Alone


Moving plumbing to different areas of the bathroom is expensive, tedious and messy. The beauty of updating your space with just one change is that the pipes can stay right where they are. Encased in beautiful cabinetry and topped by a sleek countertop, your remodel can be an instant success.

Remember Simple Additions


Aside from the showstopper vanity, there are other simple additions that can quickly spruce up your bathroom space. Consider new lighting that is warm and inviting to spotlight the new look. Furthermore, if the toilet now looks a bit out of date, install a new seat. You will be amazed at what a few basic modifications will do.

Giving our living space a fresh appearance does not have to be difficult, and the rewards last far longer than one could ever dream of.

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