Apr 30, 2019

5 Ways to Breathe your Apartment Balcony a Cozy Vibe

A small outdoor space is always in the wish list for most city dwellers. We love to spend time in the balcony to get fresh air, sit under the open sky, watch the stars, have a look at the outdoor activities or just to admire the beauty of nature. If you own a luxury residential project in Bhowanipore, a breathtaking view of the cityscape is ensured from the apartment balcony. Balconies are usually situated in a unique place of the home and separated from the room area by a door. So, it becomes the best place to unwind and enjoy a book or listen to some music in peace and silence.
The most important factor of balcony decoration should be, comfort. Also, your personal taste and lifestyle should ooze style and vibrancy. Here are a few cool ideas to decorate it well:

1. Set up the sitting arrangement

Be it morning coffee or cosy candlelight dinner, place a table and some chairs in your balcony and make the most of the open space. In warm days, it’s sheer bliss to enjoy your cuppa in the evening in fresh air while looking at the sunset. Opt for the furniture that can be folded and kept inside if it is needed. You can also place storage bench into the space that will provide storage as well as extra seating space. If you are living in a rented flat and don’t want to invest in outdoor furniture, just get a statement rug and pair it up with some colourful throw pillows for a cozy vibe.

2. Bring in greenery

If you are living in the heart of the city, it is assumed that there will be very less greenery around. But there are newly developed premium residential apartments near Victoria Memorial in Kolkata from where the sight of abundant greenery will soothe your eyes. Bring the green spread to your cozy corner too by adding planters filled with lush plants or growing herbs and seasonal flowers to make it look and smell good. Artificial green carpet imitating the lawn can be used instead of tiles. Hanging potted plants in the balcony are also very much in vogue nowadays.

3. Accessorize the space

Install a shelving unit for displaying potted plants and decor items. Thus blank wall space will be utilized and also free up a lot of space. Hang a chair or hammock to create a laid back attitude that will make you feel like you are on a vacation every day sitting in your 4 bhk apartment in Bhawanipore, South Kolkata. If you want to ensure some privacy, use tall bamboos to create a natural wall. Add some shade with retractable awning to guard yourself against rain and sun.

4. Use the proper colour scheme

Don’t hesitate to experiment with bold colours in your balcony. Colourful rugs and pillows are perfect to infuse a happy mood. If you have a small balcony to work with, carry the same colour scheme that you have in your home into your outdoor space. Use quirky colour pallets to give the space a bohemian feel if it’s suitable for you.

5. Light it up

Ensure adequate lighting to make use of the place day and night. Glam it up with fairy lights or candles, they make for better relaxation in the evening. You can add plenty of string lights above the place or outdoor lanterns for creating a magical vibe. Outdoor pendant lights or sconces can also be installed for late night hangouts if you are hosting a small party in your 3 BHK Luxury Apartment near Alipore, Kolkata that is spacious enough for such small celebrations.

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