Dec 11, 2018

What is the shabby chic décor all café owners are talking about?

When the summer heat makes the mercury soar, people want nothing more than a chilled drink and a cool place to hide in. With the sweltering heat outside, bold colours like brick red, orange, chrome yellow and vermillion do not soothe the eyes. We keep looking for something subtle and soft, like soft greys, tones of white, light shades of blue, and soothing greens. When everything around us begins sweating, we often want an escape from the excess furniture, wall hangings, rugs and exuberate décor that seems to soak up the cold air inside. That might be the reason people love the shabby chic look of the modern Melbourne cafes.
What are the essential elements of the shabby chic style?

The shabby chic décor utilises vintage elements to breathe life into an antique flea market vibe. However, contrary to a flea market, the shabby chic interior gets rid of anything that seems excessive. The cafes that have embraced the shabby chic look are usually white, pastel and ecru, but most of them play with bold colours to keep things interesting. That gives your café the chance to try the new vibrant and stylish chairs that can bring the stylish shabby chic theme together.

How does the furniture choice affect your interior décor theme?

One of the most significant advantages of going forward with this style statement is that you can utilise your old wooden furniture to accentuate the indoors. You can give them a distressed look by scrubbing, glazing, and sanding them. It can be a DIY project for the upcoming holidays! You might be worried that once you finish transforming your regular furniture to antique-looking ones, you will never find the matching chairs. However, you can rest that fear since the advent of design and engineering has made it possible to purchase antique-looking indoor and outdoor furniture. Check out to learn more about the different types of café furniture now available.

Why should your café try the shabby chic style?

The shabby chic style brings simple elegance to the café. While it is quite budget-friendly, it looks quite expensive and sophisticated. It is an interior décor trend that is here to stay. So, you can easily begin investing in indoor seating, table, stools, dry bars and lighting fixtures in line with this theme. This theme adds a sense of comfort along with the grace to the interiors. Customers of cafes with similar style statements often report feeling for at-home at these places than the others with an industrial look or a modern chic look.

The key to the successful execution of any interior décor theme is extensive planning. Planning thoroughly will help you set up a working budget, explore your creative layout options, and manage your expenses during execution. Always vet your furniture options in detail before plunging into the remodelling option. Do you have a reliable source for café furniture? Do they provide enough offers for bulk purchases? Are you receiving any guarantee or warranty from them? Is the furniture weatherproof and fire-resistant? These are a few questions you must always ask before you make a considerable investment.

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