Dec 25, 2018

What Are Seagrass Rugs?

There are different ways you can decorate your home, but in recent years a more eco-friendly and natural look has been on the rise throughout the US.
One product which really caught the attention of many people is seagrass rugs. So, naturally, people want to know more about this trend and type of product.

Industry leaders at Natural Area Rugs have agreed to share the story of this interesting and amazing accessory which can enrich your home and which has numerous benefits when compared to other kinds of rugs.

The Bounty of Seagrass

One of the biggest problems with our world economy is the unreasonable and excessive use of resources, whether we are talking about fishing (and overfishing) or logging and destroying countless acres of forests to feed our own needs.

Seagrass rugs, on the other hand, require only seagrass, a resource which is immensely bountiful and easy to obtain. Not only is seagrass bountiful, but it is also fast-growing which means that it will never run out.

Benefits of Seagrass Rugs

The first and most important benefit that seagrass rugs can offer is certainly their eco-friendliness. Not only do they come directly from one kind of plant and not require any animals to be farmed, but they also don’t require any land to be dedicated to farming, since the material comes from the sea.

However, the benefits of these rugs extend far beyond the source of the materials. Seagrass rugs are actually created without using any harmful chemicals which many other types of carpeting have.

Some rug companies offer painted seagrass rugs, but painting is really not necessary. The seagrass used to create these rugs actually come in different tones of beige, brown, and green which makes them subtle and ideal for a variety of designs.

Hypoallergenic Properties

The great thing about using natural and largely unprocessed materials is that they have some properties which you might otherwise pay large sums of money to have.

Seeing how seagrass rugs have a fairly loose weave, they are much better at catching dust particles and other allergens and keeping them away from the air you and your family breathe in.

This same loose weave means that vacuuming and removing those same dust particles is also easier and more effective than with thicker and denser carpets and rugs.

Other Properties

The seagrass is a tough and durable plant which needs to resist pretty harsh conditions. That makes the fibers particularly resilient and rugs made of it keep those properties. These rugs will last for a long time even when subjected to heavy use like in hallways and kitchens.

What’s more, this same toughness makes these rugs fairly resistant to spills and stains, so cleaning will be easy, no matter if it is muddy footprints or kitchen spills.

Easy to Shape into Different Forms

Most of the carpets and rugs available on the market come in either square or rectangular shape. These two shapes are the simplest to make and to distribute, so most major manufacturers stick to it.

If you want something other than those standard shapes, you need to have a custom carpet or rug made, which can be quite costly and may take a long time.

When it comes to seagrass rugs, they are fairly easy to shape in any kind of shape you might need, regardless of dimensions.

Minimalism and frugality have seen a major increase in popularity in recent years. Seagrass rugs and similar carpeting options are ideal for such interior design since they are simple, beautiful and easy to maintain.

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