Dec 20, 2018

A Guide to Nao Figurines

From their factory in Valencia, Spain, Nao creates stunning porcelain figures. The area itself has a long history of producing stunning ceramics that dates back as far as the Roman times. The Nao porcelain mark is actually owned by Lladro. The Lladro brothers purchased a small factory that made porcelain not far from the city of Valencia in 1967. It was from this factory that they began collaborating with some of the best local artists within the field of porcelain, and thus a new style was created, which has since become their trademark look.

These original creations were less sophisticated and marketed under the name Rosal. They were, however, very popular and filled with a charm and innocence that has been maintained since the very beginning. Nowadays the figures, sold under the Nao mark, offer a superb combination of handcrafted work combined with some of the most innovative techniques in the field of porcelain.
Today, Nao is responsible for some of the most collectable and highly sought-after porcelain figures that are available to buy. Their handmade porcelain figures are elegant and truly graceful with a charm that is owed in part to the stunning use of muted colour that makes them seem so delicate and fragile.

Family Life

Some of the most popular figures in the Nao range by Lladro are of course those in their family life range, and with good reason. These Nao figurines are highly collectible and make very popular gifts for the special person in your life.

Cosy slumber, which depicts a young mother embarrassing her child in sleep is a truly stunning figure that perfectly captures the relationship between a parent and a child at the most peaceful time of the day; the mother’s face so full of love for the child she cradles. This would be a beautiful gift not only for a collector of Nao porcelain but also for any new parent.

Nao figures do not just depict mothers and children, there are plenty of stunning examples of fathers and A Fathers Love or To Love and Protect are beautiful examples of the bond that can exist between a father and their child.


From bells to angels and nativity scenes to stable animals, the Nao Christmas range offers a delightful and varied selection of figurines and ornaments that are perfect for the festive season.

The nativity figures in particular are truly stunning and would make a perfect gift over the Christmas period. Each figure is delicately created with stunning muted colours, delicate features and an exquisite attention to detail. If you prefer your figures a little more whimsical then the Nao by Lladro Nativity figures which feature a more childlike, simplistic Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus is a beautiful figurine that combines all the elements of a Nao figurine in a more childlike and innocent style. There really is something for everyone in this stunning collection and they will look perfect in your home for many years.

Disney Figurines

We can’t discuss Nao figurines without at least a passing mention of their adorable Disney range. Some of Disney’s most iconic figures have been lovingly recreated in beautiful porcelain with stunning attention to detail. There are also a number of figurines in the range that pair a stunning Nao figure with a Disney character. Together, they create a beautiful collaboration of innocent childhood and the easily-recognisable beloved Disney characters that we all know and love. Whatever you look for in a figurine the Nao range by Lladro has a superb and varied collection that is sure to have something to suit your taste.

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