Dec 13, 2018

Weigh the selling options to select the most appropriate method of house selling

Selling property through a real estate agent is the most prevalent method of selling houses, and you can sell it on your own too. Although real estate agents facilitate property transactions without getting involved in the process, there is another type of real estate company that becomes buyer themselves and keep buying properties just like any other buyer.  When you look up on the internet, you will come across some websites that boldly display, and we buy houses Long Island - Suffolk City Home Buyers. These are home buying companies ready to buy any property. It may sound a bit unusual that real estate companies turn buyers, but this is a thriving business that is ready to help home sellers with ready cash.
The choice of method depends on the situation and your needs. However, you must have a clear idea about each technique and its benefits and drawbacks for taking a decision that you will not regret later. Selling property is a very important decision, and you must pay attention to the process of selling to decide which is most beneficial for you.

Let us consider three different scenarios to understand the selling methods and what you get from it.

Selling houses through a real estate agent
Selling a property requires good marketing skills that include identifying prospective buyers and promoting the property to lure them for paying a lucrative price that makes buyers happy. The process involves listing the property on real estate directories and portals and using marketing channels to sell the property for an acceptable price that sounds reasonable to buyers.  The real estate agent does all the heavy lifting and facilitates the transactional process of transfer of rights too for closing the deal. Sellers can close their eyes and wait for completion of the process that can take 3-12 months depending on the market conditions, type of property and its location and other factors. However, sellers must pay a fee to the real estate agent which is usually a percentage of the sale price.

Selling house on your own
This DIY method of house selling entails that sellers will have to do the job of the real estate agent on their own and is ready to go through the nitty-gritty of the process by themselves. The house must be in perfect shape so that it attracts buyers, but the time taken could be the same as that taken by real estate agents or longer. The biggest attraction of this process is that you save anything between 3% to 8% which is good money.

Selling to real estate company that buy houses
Finding a real estate company that buys houses is the fastest way of selling homes even though the price it fetches is lower than what you would get in the market. This is an outright sale on as is where basis without any inspection and you get the money in just a week.

The choice of selling method depends on what is important to you, time, money or convenience.  

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