Dec 18, 2018

Avoid a Bad Building Experience with these Best Home Builders Tips

Creating your very own custom home should be an exciting and momentous time in your life. However, custom home horror stories are sadly not unheard of. Building your own house has even gained the reputation of being among a marriage’s biggest challenges. Some even describe it as the most stressful time of their lives. Fret not. It’s possible to avoid these bad experiences by learning from other people’s mistakes and developing better practices from them.

Unexpected Events Will Happen

You need to anticipate that many unexpected events will happen throughout the development of your custom home despite your best of planning. No one can predict the weather, sudden change in supply and cost of materials, and other significant life events that could occur during the construction. The home building process will take several months wherein anything can happen. You must expect changes in you as well. It is safe to anticipate that you may want to deviate from the plan, add in new features, or make some upgrades.

It is best to have a positive attitude towards unexpected events, prepared with a contingency plan (and budget) to avoid unnecessary stress and negative feelings towards the entire project.

Do Your Research

Research can help you avoid so much emotional and financial burden. With the right amount of research, anticipating costs such as professional fees, permits, utility expenses, etc. will be much easier. As mentioned earlier, unexpected events will happen so help reduce any potential stress by getting as much information as you can. Thorough research will also help you sense possible problems as well as prepare you for workarounds.

Understand the terms of your contract. Whether you have agreed on fixed fees or cost-plus fees, you should have a good grasp of what is presumed from your end and your builder concerning costs as well as any hidden or additional charges.

Pick a Good Communicative Builder

Diligent research will lead you to a good builder. A quick search online would not be enough. Of course, an excellent reputation is a given, but they should also be able to work well with you.

It’s necessary to meet and talk to them about your dream custom home. Confirm whether they specialize in the type of house you’d like to have.

Ask for their former and current clients to learn more about how it is to work with the builder. Gather as much information about them as possible. There should be complete trust and confidence. You’re not just trusting them with your house construction funds but also the power to fulfill your dream in the form of a custom home.

Be Organized

As with any project, being organized is an essential quality for the entire home construction. You will find yourself obsessing over different parts of the house throughout the whole venture. Countertop selection, for instance, would require several hours, if not days. The process repeats itself as you move on to ceiling design, cornice and baseboard, flooring and other specific parts of your home.  Make sure you have a file system to keep you organized on your tasks and avoid going through the same process twice!

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