Dec 15, 2018

Common Damages You Will Find on Your Roof Surface

The roof is the most important part of your house,and this part needs periodic maintenance or repairing. For roof maintenance, a few things are required to be kept in mind. The most important thing is to identify the signs of roof damages. When you understand that your roof has started to get damaged, you would be able to take appropriate actions. So, identifying the damages is the primary thing, and it has to be done with precision, says In the following section, we shall discuss more roof damages. We shall find the signs of roof damages and appropriate actions can be taken to deal with those damages.

Cracks on the Roof

The most common signs for damages on the roof are cracks. You can easily identify small cracks on the roof surface. Now, different kinds of roofing materials are used,and cracks occur according to the materials. In case of normal roofing shingles, cracks can be found after 5-10 years. Rubber shingles do not easily display the cracks. Instead of cracks, partial damages can be seen on the shingles. Concrete roofs display cracks, but after 10-15 years. When small cracks are generated on the concrete surface, you need to take actions and repair the roof accordingly.
Cracks should be identified at the early stages,and appropriate measures should be taken to deal with those cracks. Allowing the cracks to settle on the roof surface can be dangerous. These cracks will start clogging water inside it. As a result, the damage will only get bigger. With the advent of time, cracks will turn more visible and wider open. After a certain stage, you may need to replace the complete roof surface. To replace the roof shingles completely can be an expensive matter. You can deal with the job with way lesser expenses if you consider repairing when small cracks have started getting visible on the roof surface.

Damages Due to Heat

The roof is a part of your house which is directly exposed to the sun for the whole day. Walls get partial sunlight. But roof receives direct sunlight throughout the day. Position changes of the sun help the walls a bit, but not the roof. Due to enormous heat bearing, damages are obvious on the roof surface. We all know that any material tries to expand with the heat. After an evening when sunsets off, the heated material wants to release heat quickly and get back to its normal shape. So, some amount of expansion and shrinking happens quite common throughout the day.

Due to this reason, the roof is damaged. Severe damages can be found when this process happens on a regular basis for a long time. In other words, damages to the roof due to this reason are inevitable. To deal with the heat damage, you have to be careful with your approach. At first, you need to find a professional roofing contractor who can inspect the roof and advice you the best repairing service. A roofing contractor will always give you the most effective as well as advanced suggestions so that repaired roof can last long without any further repairing actions in the near future. To learn more in this regard, one can check information at

Mold Formation

Mold formation is a common sign of damage to the roof in the houses of the tropical regions. If you live in a place or region where humidity remains high, mold formation on the roof surface will be a commonly encountered phenomenon. There would be nothing surprising if mold formation started occurring on the concrete roof after five years. Mold can be seen on both the surfaces of the roof. You would be able to find it on the exterior surfaces, which is directly exposed to the sun. Due to sunlight and heat, a mold which is nothing but fungus seems to stay under control.

The interior surface remains cool,and it does not receive direct sunlight. As a result, it becomes the ideal part of the house where mold can propagate. From the roof, mold starts progressing to the walls. Eventually, both walls and roof surfaces are damaged significantly. To stop such damages, immediate repairing action is required. To stop mold formation, advanced materials for roofing has to be used. With concrete roofing, this is a common issue at the tropical regions. Thus, various damage controlling chemicals are needed to be used at the time of making the concrete roof. The TMT bars inside the roof should feature excellent quality otherwise they can become rusty to make your roof further weaker.

Rust on the Metallic Surface

In many countries or regions, metallic roof surface can be seen, especially on the garage areas or commercial plants. Metallic roofing is quite sturdy as well as cost-effective. But, the chance of damage is quite high due to the presence of moisture in the air. With moisture and oxygen in the air, metal tends to get oxidized to form rust. The formation of rust makes the metal roof surface weaker. You can easily find cracks and other damages to the metal shingles or surface due to rust formation. To escape such problem, repairing actions are needed on a regular basis. To protect the metal shingles from rust, you need to focus on the drainage of the roof. Letting water to settle on the roof surface could lead to problems.

Gross Granule Loss

Granule has been considered as important materials to be added to the roof surface. It stops heat transferring and thus the roof surface is saved from heat damage to a large extent. Granule also gives fire resistance, assuring your house to save from fire hazards as much as possible. These granules can also be damaged. You need to check them on regular basis. Due to regular heating and water clogging problems, granules are damaged significantly. As a result, the roof will start getting immense damages. In case of the gross granule loss, repairing has to be conducted with the supervision of experienced and skilled roofing contractor.

The roof is important,and thus one should not neglect the damages on it. Periodic maintenance of the roof will keep your house damage-free and safe for the dwellers.

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