Dec 27, 2018

How To Maximize The Space In Your Storage Unit

What is the trick in maximizing the storage space effectively, when you have too many things to store, and you don't want to rent an extra storage unit other than the existing one?   Finding some extra space in the storage unit requires systematic planning and organization skills, how to stack it depending on its frequent usage.  When you have too many things scattered around and struggle due to the shortage of storage space, it would be a good idea to rent a small additional storage unit.

The first preference should be given to finding out if there any ways to maximize the storage space before you hire additional storage units Kalamazoo.  Let us check, how we can maximize the area in the storage unit.

The first task is to clean the garbage. Segregate those things which are essential and which are not important.  It is natural that many of us used to keep those stuff, the childhood color pencil works of children, gifts, greeting cards, etc.  It has some sentimental values, and we don't want to throw it out.  However, you can consider boxing all those unwanted items, which are not too close to your heart and send to a thrift store.
Organize your storage:
You can categorize the storage items into two types, those items which you may require frequently and those items you use seldom.  So, keep the frequently used things in the front portion and occasional used items in the back.  Similarly, it would be a good idea to keep the large objects in the back area of the storage. But keep large items like the sewing machine, surfboard, etc., in the front side as you may use it frequently.

Keep separate areas as per seasonal use:
What about dividing the storage as per the 4 seasons?  Divide your storage into 4 sections by keeping a walking space in between and place your stuff in the designated area as per the seasonal requirements. So there won’t be any cluttering, you can easily pick up those items, which you want to use in a particular season.  In doing so, you don’t have to search like a rat and pull out everything.  Cool option.

Organize your storage systematically:
Give a good thought and organize and arrange things systematically in the storage space.  You might be having many small things to store. There might be some items that can spill over. So keep small things like glue, pencils, fabric threads, scissors, nail cutter, etc., in small bins. If you have too many little things to store, try to keep more containers and keep everything separate by labeling.

Instead of sending the treasured gift items and childhood art and crafts works, etc., to a thrift-store or off to trash, you can keep everything in small bin trays or boxes and label it systematically and keep in the extreme inner part of the storage space.  You may not require it immediately or in the near future, but keeping it secure can be useful at some stage of your life.  Maximizing the space in the storage is possible by organizing it systematically as per the priority and requirements.

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