Feb 5, 2018

Ways To Lessen the Cycle Time in Injection Molding

The plastic injection molding industry is an industry known for its efficiency and high manufacturing numbers each year. With injection molds in China and the United States becoming more and more abundant, the industry continues to earn a high amount of revenue.

These machines are known for their high efficiency when it comes to producing products, and this allows them to be able to produce hundreds to thousands of products in a short period of time. With that in mind, it is important to make sure that the cycle time in injection molding remains quick enough to be able to produce good numbers. Here are some ways to lessen the cycle time on your injection molding machine.

Update the Mold Design
One of the biggest factors that affect the cycle time is the mold design. Having the right design is a factor when it comes to the quality of the product, as having a good mold means that the final product does not need too much refinement anymore. It is best to get a strong and high-quality mold in order to produce better products. Low-quality molds can cause more defective products that have traces of damage, which would slow down the overall cycle time. It is best to continue refining the design until you finally get a very efficient and dynamic design.

Hiring a Skilled Process Technician
The process technician is the person behind most of how plastic products are produced. The speed and efficiency of the whole process would be down to how they perform, which means it pays to get someone who is highly skilled in the whole plastic production process. A skilled process technician would know hoe to manufacture products of the best quality, and be able to manage all of the resources that are needed.

Resin Use
The use of resin in plastic injection molding machines is necessary, as it helps cool down the plastic molds to a safe temperature that allows it to produce more products. This quick cooling time allows the parts to be ejected form the machine faster as well, which makes for a more efficient manufacturing process. Resins come in different grades, and each one helps reduce the cycle time to a certain degree that allows it to perform faster.

Design of the Parts
Another important factor that affects the plastic manufacturing cycle time is the part design. The thickness of the parts depends on whether or not the process would be faster or slower. Part thickness is also a factor in durability of the product, which affects the quality of the product. It is best to comply with regulation standards to ensure that you will still deliver quality products.

Key Takeaway
Plastic manufacturing is about quality and efficiency, which is why reducing the cycle time allows for more quality products to be produced by plastic manufacturing companies all over the world. By using these ways listed above, you are guaranteed that you would have a better time producing products for your clients. 

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