Feb 26, 2018

Healthy Tips and Benefits of Using Outdoor Grills

Grilling has been one of the favorite pastime of families and friends. It has become one of the sources of the bonding moments of people since they can enjoy good food and company. No matter what the weather is, you can still enjoy grilling. From burgers, steaks to barbeques, the options and choices are endless. The best part about grilling is that not only is it fun, but it is also good for you.

There are benefits of outdoor grilling that you may not be aware of or may not have paid much attention to. These benefits are better than having your food prepared in an oven or a stove. Here are some of the health benefits of outdoor grilling.
1.) There is less fat

When you grill outdoors, you actually eat less fat because the excess drips which is the oil from the meat go off on the grates of the grill. If you think about cooking a burger, you will notice that all of the excess oil in the pan have accumulated, thus making the meat all soaked. When you use a grill to cook your burger, the excess fat and oil cooks off. All of the excess drips at the bottom thus making your meat tastier and less greasy.

2.) Grilled vegetables are good for you

People do not realize that the vegetables that are grilled can retain more of their minerals and their vitamins instead of them being cooked in an oven or in a stove. This is true especially for vegetables that are known to have low water content. Another reason behind this is that the vegetables that you grill are the fresh and in season ones instead of the canned vegetables that we are all used to. You just need to wrap in in a tin foil and place them on top of your grill, it will cook your vegetables just the right way and it is also known to be nutritionally advantageous than frying it or boiling.

3.) The meat can retain its nutrients

When you grill meat instead of using the stove or the oven, it can preserve more thiamine and more riboflavin. These nutrients are needed in order for you to have a healthy diet and it also have health benefits that you may not be aware of. This is also highly recommended for those who are wishing to buff up and shed a few pounds.

4.) You use less butter in grilling

When you use your stove or your oven, there is a tendency for you to use butter in order for your meat to have some moisture. When you use an outdoor grill, it can lock in the natural moisture of your meat, especially if you do know how to grill and you do not overcook your food, the result will be juicy cuts of meat and vegetables that are tasty. Because of the natural moisture that is retained when you use the grill, you won’t need to reach for the butter or other condiments that you usually need to jazz up your food. It then means that you will eat fewer calories and it can stop you from taking in unhealthy stuff in your body.

5.) Grilling can give you an opportunity for an outdoor activity

When you grill your food, you will need to do it outdoors. This means that you will have to engage in different outdoor activities with your friends and your family. If you have children, you can play with them while you grill your meat and you prepare your lunch or your dinner. You can toss a frisbee or you can kick a ball around your backyard. If you are with your friends, you can converse and drink while grilling your steak or your burger. This is an added health bonus not just physically but mentally as well.
Now that the benefits of outdoor grilling are discussed, there should also be a need to talk about the food that you are going to grill. There are different tips that you can follow in order to ensure the health benefits of your meat while you grill them and serve them.

1.) Buy and use lean meats

Burger is a grilling staple, but that does not mean that you need to stick to burgers only. There should be a vary of your outdoor menu. You can try lean cuts of different meats like fish, pork or chicken. These are proven to be healthier and has less cholesterol and calories. If you want to eat a burger, you can purchase the leanest beef that you can find. There are different marks on the packages of the meats that are sold in supermarkets. The leaner your mean, the healthier it is for you.

2.) Grill your vegetables

It is important to add vegetables in ever meal that you have, especially when you are grilling. You can add some peppers or zucchini to the grill while you grill your meat. You can also grill sweet corn, or you can make a vegetable kabob as your side dish. You can also make a spinach salad with a light dressing to add into your diet as it is nutrient-packed.

3.) Use gas rather than charcoal when grilling

Some of the doctors have suggested that the charcoal that is used when grilling can expose you and the food that you are going to eat to cancer-causing chemicals which are harmful. If you still want to use charcoal when you grill your food, then it is highly recommended that you do not overcook your mean and that you should keep it out of the smoke as much as possible. This is why doctors recommend that you use a gas grill. It is cleaner to use, and you can also avoid the harmful chemicals found in charcoal.

4.) Marinate your meat

You can marinate your steak, your burgers and other meats in order to improve your health and to improve the taste of your meat. When a marinated meat is cooked over charcoal or high temperature, there are concerns about cancer-causing chemicals, but if the meat is marinated it can help eliminate those chemicals by up to 99%.

5.) Try healthier alternatives

You can search for healthier alternatives from the internet as there are tips and advices that you can get from different websites and blogs.

Written by Sian Webster 

Sian Webster is the caiman boots blog's editor. Sian Webster is a student by day and a writer by night. She is currently taking up Business Administration and is set to start and operate her own business. A food lover, a travel blogger and is desperate to find love but is oozing with awkwardness. A fan of movies and numerous tv shows such as Black Mirror, The Walking Dead and The 100. Sian loves to read and she takes writing very seriously.  

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