Feb 7, 2018

How to Stay Warm When Working on Construction in the Winter

Staying warm is a very important way to make sure that you stay healthy during the winter months. The cold can make it more difficult for your body to fight off infections and viruses, so it is especially important to stay warm. When you are working in construction it is important to take extra precautions to stay warm, especially because this work involves working out in the elements. Here are four ways to stay warm when working on construction during the winter months. 
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Correct Gloves

Gloves are a very important part of staying warm, and choosing the correct gloves for your work is critical. Since construction involves working with your hands, your gloves need to be made of a fabric that will allow you to do everything that you need to do. You should also be able to move your hands. Sometimes, gloves must be a little bigger than you usually wear to fit a lining underneath them, but there are some models that are warm without needing liners under them.  If your job is impossible to do while wearing gloves, consider having hand warmers in your pockets so that you can warm your hands with them occasionally.

Stay Dry

A critical way to stay warm when working is to stay dry. When your clothes get wet in the cold weather, if they are not changed quickly, your body temperature can be lowered quite a bit. Part of staying dry means that you have extra hats, gloves, socks, and other articles of clothing that you can change into. Layers can also help keep you dry. This will help decrease the likelihood of you getting sick while working.


Wearing layers is a wonderful way to stay warm in the winter. The layer of clothing closest to your body keeps moisture away from your skin, while a waterproof outer layer will prevent the water from getting to you in the first place. Layers like thermal socks can keep your feet warm in your work boots. A coat should be long enough to cover your body, even if you bend over, and insulated pants and coveralls can make a major difference.

Warm Break Area

Whether you are working outside or inside, it is very important to have a warm place where the workers can go to get out of the cold. If the workspace can be closed off in some way, that can help. On some sites, that is not possible. In those cases, a temporary building can provide a warm place. When setting up these spaces, there are portable heaters for rent. By renting a portable heater, you will be able to move that heater around as it is needed, creating a safer and warmer work environment.

Construction work does not necessarily stop because it is cold, but there are ways to keep safe. When working construction in the winter, wear layers, have a heated area if the site is outdoors, stay dry, and have the correct gloves.

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