Feb 14, 2018

Best Bathtubs that you can purchase in the market

Bathtubs are now a common type of bathroom accessory that you will see in a household. It is because a lot of people are now into relaxing their stressed muscles in the comfort of their own home and there are also a lot of beauty essentials that works because in a bathtub. Bathtubs are ideal to use when you are not too busy as you have the time to relax and unwind while you soak yourself in a warm bath and drink your wine.

Bathtubs are great in relaxing muscles and relieving stress, you can do anything while you are in a bathtub. You can read a book, drink wine or any beverage of your choice and you can even listen to music while you let the warm water engulf your body. Bathtubs are also ideal for those who have pets and small children as it is easier to bathe them, you can dip them in the bathtub and remove the water afterwards.

There are also different sizes of bathtubs that are for different kinds of bathrooms, so you can choose the best one for you. There are also freestanding units that can be installed anywhere and they are all finished on all of their sides. There are also a lot of design choices and bathtubs are also made out of different materials, so you can choose the best one for you. Most of the bathtubs have features that you can use such as whirlpool, air jets and more.

With these features and benefits being said, here are some of the best bathtubs that you can purchase for your bathroom.

1.) American Standard Bathtub
This bathtub measures around 5 foot and it is ideal for those who takes long, relaxing baths, this is also ideal for those who have children and pets. It is made by American Standard which is a well known brand in bathroom accessories and fixtures. This bathtub us lighter than other bathtubs by 50% and it can last for years versus the cast iron tub that is traditionally used. This bathtub has an integral apron that makes it easier to install and it is slip resistant so you will be perfectly safe while you are using it. It has a supportive contour and a head rest that is beveled so it makes using this tub more relaxing and comfortable. You do not even need to use any unsanitary mats.

2.) Kholer Bathtub
This bathtub has so many features and it includes a comfortable depth design with makes bath time more comfortable and relaxing while you soak on warm water and bubble baths. Because of its features it is easy to get out off, it measures about 60 x 32 x 19 and it has a slotted overflow that can raise water level for a better and deeper soak. It has a unique design as it has arm rests and it also has a built-in lumbar support that is needed for your back. The bottom surface of the tub has the perfect texture that can prevent you from slipping. This tub is about 5 foot and it comes in different colors such as white, sandbar, thunder grey, cashmere, ice grey, dune, black, biscuit and almond. You can choose the color that will work best with your bathroom decor.

3.) American Standard Evolution Bathtub
This bathtub that is made by American Standard has a lot of features that can provide you a lot of comfort. It is made from fiberglass and reinforced acrylic that gives that extra strength. It has a backrest, a dual armrests and more to make sure that your long bubble baths will be as relaxing as possible. This tub allows water up to three inches more so that you can soak in your tub deeper. This tub does not have the traditional shape as it has a drop-in or an alcove installed and it has an apron that is optional so you can save on costs and time. This tub is stylish and it definitely fits all kinds of bathroom decor. It has several colors like white, linen, bone and acrylic white. This tub can give your bathroom the life that it needs. It will not cost you a lot of money to install. It measures around 32 inches wide and 5 feet long.
4.) Lyons Industries Bathtub
This bathtub is small and budget friendly, this is perfect for those who wants to own a bathtub but does not have the space nor the money to purchase a bigger one. This tub is one of the best bathtubs that is on the smaller side but it is not short in its amenities and it can still fulfill your needs. It measures up to 4.5 feet long and it has a smart design that can provide you the comfort that you need and are looking for in a bathtub. The shell of this bathtub has a built-in arm support where you can rest and it also has a built-in lumbar for comfort. The surface is made out of acrylic material so it is very easy to wipe and clean plus it has a non-slip barrier on the bottom of the tub to keep you safe as you go in and out of it.

5.) Fine Textures Bathtub
This bathtub can fit on any small bathroom. It is perfect for those who wants to soak in their bubble bath. The usually problem of those who wants to have a higher tub is that it does not normally fit in small bathrooms but the Fine Textures Bathtub can make it work. In fact, it provides comfort once you are immersed in the soapy water in the tub and you won’t feel the difference it is size. It can provide pure comfort and relaxation plus it has a built-in deep basin and backrest for maximum comfort. Its surface is made out of fiberglass and acrylic so it is easy to wipe and to clean plus it is safe to use especially if you move around and if you stand on it.

Written by Sian Webster    

Sian Webster is the water guru blog's editor. Sian Webster is a student by day and a writer by night. She is currently taking up Business Administration and is set to start and operate her own business. A food lover, a travel blogger and is desperate to find love but is oozing with awkwardness. A fan of movies and numerous tv shows such as Black Mirror, The Walking Dead and The 100. Sian loves to read and she takes writing very seriously.     

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