Feb 20, 2018

Great Benefits of Installing Quartz Worktops in London

Quartz worktops have been able to gain a loyal following in spite of being comparatively new because of a number of reasons like the durability, attractive appearance and much more. The best part is that the quartz worktops also do not have the cons of the natural stones like the marble kitchen worktop which is one of the most sought-after natural stones in spite of having a number of drawbacks. 

While granite still remains one of the most preferred materials for countertops, quartz has emerged as the new contender for granite that offers almost the same benefits like granite but at a much more affordable price. Here are some of the major perks of quartz worktops. Just read on.

  • Quartz Worktops Are Nonporous – Quartz worktops are engineered and as a result of that, quartz consists of a nonporous surface which means that there are no cracks or holes through which the liquids and spills can seep into. This is one of the most significant benefits offered by quartz worktops and that happens for a number of reasons. Firstly, it means that quartz worktops are much more resistant to staining as compared to the other types of countertops. Moreover, quartz is a surface that is quite non-porous which also makes it hygienic to a great extent. Without the holes and cracks, it is much harder for the viruses and the bacteria or other germs to get stuck in the counter. The non-porous and smooth surface makes it also extremely simpler to clean the surface.
  • Quartz Worktops Are Almost Indestructible – There are some quartz countertops that are made from the quarried stones. But most of the engineered material are constructed from the polymer resins and natural ground quartz. The manufacturing process creates an ultra-long-lasting countertop. Most of the time, quartz worktops come with a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Quartz Worktops Facilitate Ease of Maintenance – Worktops made of natural stones like granite and marble always call for a wax coat or sealant on top. One of the perks of quartz countertops is that they do not need any wax coating or sealant. This implies that as compared to the other countertop materials, the quartz countertops call for less maintenance. Since this material is also non-porous, this worktop is super-easy to maintain. You do not have to worry about getting stains or go for intense scrubbing sessions that are required for the other types of worktops. All you have to do is to wipe down with a clean cloth, soap and water and you are done.
  • Quartz Worktops Provide a Plethora of Excellent Design Possibilities – Quartz is a good choice if you want to get creative with the kitchen worktops. Unlike the natural stones, you can use epoxy instead of the screws to hold the quartz worktops in place. This means that quartz can be used for backsplashes, enclosures for showers as well as the walls without seams. However, the quartz worktops happen to be heavier than the other worktop materials. Quartz counters are usually installed by the distributors who are certified. Apart from that, the quartz worktops are also available in a huge variety of colours. So whether you want a solid colour or something that looks like natural stone. At the time of manufacturing of the quartz worktops, pigments or crushed quartz can be added to the resin to match the design of the worktop perfectly.

The above are some of the major benefits that the quartz kitchen worktops offer. It is for all these reasons that quartz has become one of the most preferred materials worldwide for kitchens as well as any other space.

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