Feb 27, 2018

How To Choose A Moving Company That’s Right for You

Moving across the continent takes a lot of time, money, and effort. Can you imagine packing a lorry and driving from Brisbane to Sydney? That's not a drive anyone wants to make, regardless of how much they enjoy the open road. Just the same, it's not always easy to find a mover you trust enough with the entirety of your worldly possessions. This guide, suggested by Cairns Coast Removals, a high-quality removalist in Cairns, will tell you exactly how to choose a moving company and what questions you need to ask to ensure your possessions arrive where they should, when they should.

How long has the company been in business?

The easiest way to get a birds-eye view of the company is to see how long it has been in business and what other customers have to say about it. Pay attention to any reviews that seem to either praise the company a bit too much or that recite unbelievable horror stories. Instead, look for the reviews that are somewhere in the middle. These are usually the most believable.

You should also pay attention to the wording on the company's website. If they understand that some possessions, such as that ceramic mold of your child's foot, simply can't be replaced, then it's a company that will likely give special care to those sentimental items.

How much do removals cost?

Aside from protecting your belongings, your main concern will be price. Take a look at the company's pricing guidelines and figure out whether they price based on the total distance, per mile, or per kilo they haul. Each of these pricing structures will result in different overall amounts, but long-haul moves are never cheap. The price of the move is usually worthwhile for the convenience, however.

Do removal companies provide boxes?

The majority of moving companies do exactly that: move items. They aren't in the business of packing up your home for you, but some companies do provide you with boxes to pack with ahead of time. If these boxes are included in the overall price of the move, it can save a significant sum of money. Moving adds up in more than just the cost of the move when you think about the number of supplies you have to purchase to keep your items safe.

When you're evaluating a company, find out whether they provide boxes or not. This information is usually available on the website, but if not, call the number and speak to a representative to get a definitive answer.

Does the company have speciality experience?

Moving into certain types of homes can mean additional costs. High-rises usually have freight elevators, but if stairs are included you can expect to see the price tag jump up. If additional workers and equipment are required, the price of the move will also increase.

If you're moving into a home in a high-rise and will require a crane to lift heavy furniture like pianos into your home, the price of the move can jump by several thousand AUD. If you know this will be a necessity ahead of time, it's a good idea to make sure the company you choose can handle that type of work.

Is the company licensed?

You want to trust your belongings to a professional company, for example, to a removalist who is accredited by AFRA, not a group of teenagers with a truck. Sure, the teens might not charge as much, but your belongings will not be protected like they should be. By using a licensed company, you can rest easy knowing the people moving your items have experience packing fragile items so they don't break while in transit. You can also know the company will take pains to wrap your furniture so it doesn't get scratched or scuffed going around corners.

Is the company insured?

Finding out whether a company is insured should be one of the deciding factors for choosing a removal company. If the company is insured, you will be compensated if anything happens to your belongings. If the company is not insured, then you have no assurances of anything arriving safely.

If the company is not insured but you still want to use them, you may want to consider purchasing supplemental insurance to cover your possessions during the move. It's also a good idea to find out if your homeowners insurance policy provides any coverage for items during a move.

Find a Removal Company

Deciding which removal company to use isn't always easy, but if you take these questions and ask them of each company you consider, it can make the process much easier. The cost of the move, the experience of the movers, and whether they are licensed and insured are the main questions that will apply, although some people will need to use specialty movers.

Don't make a rash decision. Take the time to consider all the companies available to you, ask around and plan on a budget, and work out from there. Choosing a removal company is almost always worth it compared to trying to move yourself, especially over long distances.

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