Feb 21, 2018

Beer Making Made Easy

If you ask most beer drinkers if they would love to brew their own beer then more than 50% would say yes. Every beer drinker has a secret desire to brew beer but time and work does not allow most of them to take it up as a hobby. Brewing beer is not as easy as it sounds and this is also one reason why beer drinkers opt not to brew their own beer or even take a small step towards learning to make their beer. However, if you are willing to learn to brew your own beer then continue reading:

Home brewing your beer is a great hobby, it is a wonderful pastime and for many it has become a part of their everyday life. Making beer is easy provided you have the necessary equipment to brew the liquid. There are many home brewing beer kits in the market and you can find them online too. Just check if the home brewing kit includes a brew kettle or brew pot as it is also called, a stir spoon, siphon, avessel for fermentation, sanitizer and bottles to store the beer. 

Once you have the required equipment you should clean it well and then place it on the table so that you are able to reach it anytime you require. Next clean everything with the sanitizer that is given in the kit. Get all the ingredients ready and placed on the table so that you can access them easily.

Fill half the brew kettle with water and start steeping the grains. Usually this is done for 20 minutes or till the water boils at 170 degrees. Remove the grains and keep it aside without squeezing it. Keep boiling the mixture and add hops whenever needed. After you remove from the heat add the malt. The wort is ready. The wort needs to be cooled fast and this can be done by using chillers. There are many portable chillers available in the market which is extensively used by home brewers to chill the wort as well as for the fermenting process.
Add the wort to the fermenter along with the yeast. Dry yeast will ensure that the beer is fermented in 3 days whereas liquid yeast will help the beer ferment in 14 days. The chiller system will also help in the fermentation process because you need to keep the fermentation vessel at 68 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.

Add priming sugar to water and bring it to a boil. Add the fermented beer and mix it and then transfer the liquid to bottles. Cap it and keep it for two weeks. After that you can refrigerate and drink wonderful home brewed beer.

There are differences in the recipe for beer, ale and lager. You need to check it out and then start. Also there are rules that are to be followed such as not squeezing the grains etc., because they will spoil the beer. You may or may not succeed in your first attempt, but you should continue and over time you will become an accomplished beer brewer.

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