Feb 14, 2018

Three Unique Flooring Choices for Your Home

Whether you have pets that love running through your home and scraping their nails against the floor or kids who often have accidents, you can still find a new flooring for your home that will meet the needs of the space. You'll find options that work well in a bathroom, kitchen or another room where water gets on the floor and options that you can use in high-traffic areas like your living room. Some of these ideas are perfect for DIY enthusiasts who love getting their hands dirty, but other projects will require some professional help.
hand scraped flooring
Wine Corks

Even if you rarely drink and don't keep wine in your home, you can still use wine corks to create a brand new floor in any room. Many websites now sell wine corks that come clean and free of wine and other liquids. You can put those corks down with one of the short ends facing up or arrange the corks on their sides. As you change the way you lay down those corks, you'll change the final pattern seen on the floor.


It takes around $4 worth of pennies to cover a square foot of your floor. When you compare this cost to the cost of the tiles that you want to use, you may find that it costs less to use pennies. You can use clean pennies or coins that you clean yourself to get a bright and shiny pink, but you can also use older pennies that have a darker and more tarnished finish. Putting down a penny floor is easier than you might think too because you can work on one small area at a time. You'll put down a clear adhesive, arrange the pennies on top in a design or pattern that you like and then move on to the next area. Covering the whole floor with a coat of clear adhesive is the last step.

Weathered Wood

You can give your home the look of a rustic barn with weathered wood and hand scraped flooring. These boards come in different finishes and styles that make each piece look like it came out of a historic building. You can even opt for planks that look like the planks used on the outside of a wood barn. No matter which flooring option you select, you can create a unique look in your home.

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