May 30, 2017

Types of Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is a necessity for every kitchen. This invention has kept a lot of smelly kitchen waste out of the landfills and this is a must for every home in every country. There are many brands of garbage disposal available and it becomes difficult to choose one. But before that you need to understand the types of garbage disposal that are there in the market today.
There are two types of garbage disposals and they are:
·         Continuous feed garbage disposals
·         Batch feed garbage disposals

Continuous feed garbage disposals:
These are the most prominent types of garbage disposals and one that you tend to find every home kitchen. You can easily handle them. All you need to do is keep adding the food scraps and it will grind and dispose them. Installing them is not very easy and hence it requires a professional to come and install it. If you are a hands on person you can install it but using the services of a professional is advised.

These types of garbage disposals however, are risky though. If someone puts their hand in the drain then they can get injured seriously since the unit will be on always. Instead of food, if a spoon or fork falls in then the garbage disposal can get affected seriously and you may have to spend a lot on repairs. Care is needed when using these types of garbage disposal units. Another key advantage is that these disposals are quite cost effective and hence they are popular. You can add any amount of food waste and the unit will grind and dispose it.

Batch feed garbage disposals:
If you are a person who considers safety above everything else then you should opt for batch feed garbage disposal. These are more costly then the common continuous feed garbage disposals. They are not as easy to use as the continuous feed ones too. The disposal needs to be filled before you can switch it on and hence it may take time. The best part though is that unless you put a stopper it will not start working. This means that the risk of injury lessens.

Though the above types are the options that you have, your final decision should be based on other factors like price, convenience, noise, motor power etc. If you are looking at safety then batch feed garbage disposals win hands down. If you are looking for a cheaper version then continuous feed disposals are the way to go. Along with these you need to look at the horse power of the units. The lesser the horse power, the cheaper the unit, but the efficiency will be low. The higher the horse power, the better the unit and it will be able to dispose even hard bones and rinds of fruits. The cheaper units tend to be very noisy, if you cannot handle noise then it is better to buy a costlier garbage disposal as they tend to be less noisier than the cheaper ones.

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