May 9, 2017

Designing The Pool

What better way to relax outside and enjoy time with your family and friends in the summer than by swimming in your own pool? Before you have the pool installed, you want to look through pictures and get details about backyard pool designs in Jacksonville to get a better idea as to the size, shape and features that you want. A simple design with space for a grill, deck chairs and lounge chairs is ideal if you don't want the fancy features in larger pools. It offers leisure for the summer as you can entertain and spend time alone in the afternoon or evening.
backyard pool designs in jacksonville
When you begin decorating the perimeter of the pool, consider black chaise loungers with white cushions and vibrant pillows for the back. This is a modern design that is full of life. You want to get cushions that will hold up to moisture while also offering the comfort that is desired while lounging in the sun. Plants in black pots or pots that will match the chairs and accessories around the pool add a splash of color along with texture. Use pots that are of various sizes, staggering them so that there is height with the plants.

A grilling station is a must for the pool that you install. It could be something simple, like a charcoal grill with small wheels, or it could be an elegant station with the grill top surrounded by stylish rocks with surfaces on either side for meal preparation and utensils that are used. After grilling, you'll need a place to sit to enjoy your meal. A contemporary table with a few chairs on a concrete space near the pool gives a beautiful view of the water. A longer table often complements the pool instead of one that is of a square shape. 

As you begin looking at pool shapes, think about the people who will be swimming and any accessories that you might want to have. A rectangular pool is ideal for exercising and splashing around while one that is round or that has a few curves in various areas is better for children to play in and for entertaining as the pool can be a bit more shallow than one that is of the same shape throughout.

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