May 23, 2017

5 Tips On How To Make Your Home Look Elegant On Budget

Making a home close to a dream home, stylish and beautifully decorated, is something that is usually left to the professionals who will refine your house and drain your wallet. However, there are ways to make a living space more elegant by relying on some basic good taste and few good interior design tips. Not only it will come out cheaper, but it will also have owner’s signature to it.


Picking the right color is the first and hardest choice because it will influence all further decorations. Choose wisely, simply because colors are the main thing when it comes to an impression. Be playful and bold with them.  Choosing strong colors reveals character, and also provides a deeply sophisticated look. On the other hand, neutral and soft colors can be a warm and welcoming touch. In a process of decoration always keep in mind to maintain the right balance of colors in a room.


Buying a new furniture is not a must.  Although, if there are some seriously outdated pieces lying around, some furniture replacement or repurposing should be taken into account. There is a number of lovely pieces waiting in some secondhand stores, or the existing pieces could be reupholstered. Make sure to get some fine new fabric that is matched with the color on the walls.


Window treatment is very important part of the overall decoration. Neglecting the window area in the room will have a sloppy and cheap effect, no matter how much is invested in other details. Luckily, window makeup is quite affordable, and it varies in many ways. Whether it is a tasteful window tinting or hanging the curtains, make sure to adjust the sunlight in the room to a pleasant amount.


When the sunlight goes down, make aperfect atmosphere with lighting. Same as with the furniture, lighting does not have to be new or expensive. An old classy chandelier from a flea market will do a miracle on a ceiling, but having a few more table and floor lamps in the home will create even cozier and finer look.


Make the floor visible, and do not smother it with big carpets. Having a floor that shines and reflects the light creates the impression of a bigger space, and it does show a certain elegance. Ideally, covering the dark polished floor with a simple tasty rug will tie the room together, and it will have a unique and expensive look.


Hardware finishes are highly relevant details when it comes to having a stylish home. In order to achieve the more custom look, while still in search for the chandelier in some antique shop, pay attention and take look at some unique door knobs and drawer pulls. You can get some unique pieces at a reasonable price.


Finishing steps in decorating can be very tricky. Having a thing or two, here and there can seem quite effective, but try not to clutter the room with details. Balance the colors, and if in doubt, get some silver items, since they will fill the space while providing the wanted luxurious look.


Saving on a budget while redecorating doesn’t have to be downsizing on the look of your home. The aesthetics and design do not come with a high price, so try and make a joyful project out of it. Make the concept, plan the budget, and keep these tips in mind. After that,go out and have fun seeking for the right colors and pieces that will shine in your home.

Author bio: Steven Clarke is a business consultant and a DIY enthusiast. In his spare time, he likes to write about his ideas and share them with the world. Steven is a regular contributor to several websites.

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