May 4, 2017

Is there Any Real Science in Vaastu Saastra: On Vaastu-Compliance for Homes

Vaastu Shastra, much like astrology and religion, used to be at the forefront of human knowledge, until things like the laws of motion, electron microscopes, IoT, and geospatial satellites became part of our lives. It should not be ignored, however, that Vaastu Shastra, which is a doctrine, can add value to your quality of life at home. But do you really need a Shastra? Or can you figure it out yourself?

Let us explore the different teachings of Vaastu and explore how you could have come up with an equally good or better plan!

Kitchen in the south-east corner

You can place your kitchen south east. But, in India, fresh breeze comes in most of the year from the southwest. A kitchen well ventilated and lit by the morning rays helps keep it hygienic, so may be the east component helps. How about just south? So this shastra one makes some sense. They also say that north-west corner is the second-best option, but it's more important to know if your kitchen heat is well let out, causing less pollution, and not in the direction of where someone might be resting or exercising on your premises.

Putting a whole, uncut lemon in water

...Makes the water taste good. Beyond that, all that talk about shooing away negative energy is not worth putting your money on. Energies are not evil or good, they are either physical quantities, already discovered, or yet to be discovered by Physics! Don't fall for such vaastu tips unless you want to do it for no reason.

Position of the entrance gate

Again, all that talk about negative energy and bad habits creeping into people's lives should not be heeded when someone tells you to put the gate in the north-west corner. Entrance gates should be conveniently placed, so that you can go in and out with heavy furniture, not create any hindrance, free up the driveway, and offer maximum security to your family. Position of the gate is all about what your peripheral architecture can accommodate. It's your choice, how welcome you want someone to feel without compromising the security of occupants.

No mirror in bedrooms!!!

Mirrors are great to make your bedroom look bigger, up the chic quotient, and for some, it even improves sex life. Moreover, without a bedroom mirror what will you do when you really need one? How about that morning rush and the dreaded tie knot? Besides, how is it any shastra's business what you do in your bedroom? They say mirrors lead to ill health and family discord. Can you imagine, and tell yourself, "Yeah... because bedroom mirrors are in these days, divorce rates are increasing!"

Vaastu tips are popular in urban India like Villas on Sarjapur road, as it loves to take tradition along in its headlong journey into modernity. But it's more important to take your cues from modern science, think for yourself and cater to your needs. Also make sure your plans are in congruence with the lifestyle of individual members.

Ask yourself, in the endeavour of making your "dream home" come alive, will you be focused on your objective like a good homemaker, or blindly believe in things even though they may have little effect on your life. The golden rule is this: keep it clean, don't clutter at all, try to leave maximum floor space, allow enough ventilation and ensure that none of your rooms get over polluted from kitchen smoke or any other kind of smoke. Ultimately, it is about staying clean, staying healthy and breathing sweet to make your "home sweet home".

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