May 2, 2017

The Best Ways to Cook Game

Now that you’ve returned from your hunting trip and you got your game prepped up on the table, it’s time to prepare a meal out of it. If you happen to bag a deer from your trip, you would be surprised with the number of ways to cook venison, or the meat of the deer,such as making steaks, sausages, jerky, and even sausages. But what about other game such as bears, pheasants, ducks, and others? This article will detail the best ways to cook game and bring out the ingenuity in your hunting and culinary instincts.

Best ways to cook wild birds

Whether it be pheasant, turkey, or quail, there’s a variety of ways to enjoy our favorite game whose taste is reminiscent of chicken. But everyone’s favorite way of preparing this meat, especially with the case of wild turkeys, is to roast them in an oven for a certain amount of time after marinating them in special sauces and just let the aroma fill the kitchen. Of course, there are other ways to enjoy them such as deep-frying them or chopping them up to use as ingredients for other dishes. Either way, these birds can kick your appetites up a notch!

Best ways to prepare fish

The feeling you get when you catch your own meal is nothing short of gratifying, especially when it comes to fish out of water. The ways that fish can be prepared are almost endless, in fact, it can even be served raw. It can be fried, steamed, sautéed, baked, or even microwaved to perfection. Fish is one of those foods that can be enjoyed by wildlife in any form, man or animal.

Best ways to cook Venison

This may have been mentioned already in the introduction of this article, but it’s not easy just to leave this out. As written before, venison can be cooked in several ways. It can be grilled to make the perfect steak, grounded for sausage, roasted and baked, and other ways. You can even chop up the Venison and mix it with other ingredients such as vegetables to make a stew for you and your loved ones.

Best ways to prepare Bear meat

If you happen to obtain this game, be sure to skin and clean it to properly prepare its meat. Meat like this can be roasted with other ingredients such as garlic and can also be chopped up for stew, even kebobs.

You might want to be careful with this however as bear meat may make you extremely ill if prepared improperly. Due to them being omnivores, bears often carry Trichina Spiralis, a parasite that can cause trichonisis, which in turn cause sickness or in severe cases, death, in humans. Also, distribution of this meat is deemed illegal by federal law and acquiring this can prove to be difficult.

This game would make a rather unorthodox choice to prepare as meat. Nonetheless, it would make a fine addition to your dining table.

Hunting for game to put food on your table is good practice for initiative and hard work. Preparing it will definitely put your creativity and pallets to the test.
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