May 11, 2017

6 Essentials to Pack in a Moving Day Survival Kit

Moving day is a big day. This statement may sound silly at first, but giving it a little thought, it is the defining day in our lives at that point. Because moving into a new home is like moving into a new life. Regardless of whether you are single, or married with kids, changing an address, a city, or even the whole state can be emotional and stressful. In times like those, it's expected that not everything will go smoothly. Maybe hardly anything will go smoothly, when you factor in the moving company, packing all the necessities, and while waiting for your things to arrive.

One might think there is hardly any way to ease the process… but there is. A moving survival kit. It’s a clever way of naming something that is bound to make you feel like it saved your life after a full day of nothing but stress, sweat and hard work. A moving survival kit is a container filled with only the most essential things that will ease the transition into a new home. And what might those items be? Read on to find out.

·         Nourishment

Many times during the move you are bound to get hungry. What is worse, the odds are you won’t even notice hunger until you’re absolutely famished. Sandwiches and snacks are expected, but by popping in a few energy bars, you will hold off hunger until lunch time. Bottled water is also essential, as you can easily get dehydrated. Lastly – coffee or tea – for when you need to take a break and catch your breath. Set aside some time a few days prior to the move and come up with a meal plan, as it will greatly make things easier on you later on.

·         Hygienic products

Perhaps this goes without saying, but it never hurts to remind: toothbrushes, soap, shampoo and other hygienic products are highly important. Chances are that after a hard day’s work, you won’t have the strength to unpack your bathroom box, and you will really want that hot shower. Also recommended are towels, deodorants, and air fresheners.

·         Medicine

If you or someone in your family has a health condition that requires any kind of medication, then you have already done this on your checklist. However, it is never too much to bring other minor medication, just in case. Aside from a first aid kit with bandages, iodine and alcohol, consider bringing pills for nausea, some milder painkillers (in case of joint or muscle pain from the move) and a whole lot of bottled water.

·         Tools

To prevent you from running to your toolbox and packing it whole (or starting to panic because you don’t have one), by ‘tools’ we mean ones for everyday use. There are never enough spare light bulbs or batteries, and a screwdriver and a hammer are more than handy all-purpose tools if the need calls for it. A roll of duct-tape can be a temporary, but immediate fix in certain situations, like insulating exposed wires or plugging up leaks.

·         Clothing

There is never enough spare clothing. Many of us don’t manage to unpack it on the first day of move. Furthermore, in case of ripped or otherwise ruined clothing, with a survivor kit you will quickly be able to change, instead of roaming through piles of boxes. Moving boxes Sydney-wide, you may forget to account for weather. And when your survival kit is in a cloth, or army bag, there is a risk of them getting wet or damaged. With a roomy plastic box to put your survivor’s kit in, you could feel safer knowing your belongings won’t get damaged.

·         Entertainment

It was already mentioned that everyone suffers moving day stress, on one level or another. One of the best ways to relax is to prepare a fun past-time when it’s time for a break. The easiest things to bring are packs of cards, a simple tabletop game, or just a notepad and a few pens. If you are keener on using digital entertainment via phone or a tablet, move your charger to the survival kit from either the moving boxes, or your bag. That way everyone will have access to it if they need one. Toss in your kids’ favorite toys and you’re all set.

Yes, moving is a big step for you and your entire family but it doesn’t have to be a tiring, nightmarish experience. Murphy’s Law says that “If something can go wrong, it probably will”, so why not think ahead and prepare a survival kit? When things don’t go as planned, they will not necessarily spiral down into mayhem, but it makes everyone feel safer and more confident when all the necessary items are within arm’s reach. Knowing that a cut, a bruise, a slip in the mud, or a torn T-shirt can be dealt with almost immediately makes everyone work with a greater peace of mind.

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