May 9, 2017

Adding Curb Appeal to Your Business

Adding Curb Appeal to Your Business 

The outside of your building is the first thing your customers will see. This is what their first impression of you is based upon. You want that customer to come through the front door with a positive attitude, so it is very important to keep your store front in the best possible shape. The following tips will help you achieve a bright and positive curb appeal that your clients will enjoy.  
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The Building 

Before you do anything else, make sure your business’s building is in good shape. The exterior should be clean and attractive. If the siding is in bad shape, have it replaced. Vinyl options look nice and require very little maintenance. Brick buildings should be routinely washed, and surfaces with peeling paint should be scraped and repainted. If your roof is beyond repair, you will need EPDM roofing installation from a company like Palmer West Construction.  

The Parking Lot 

The next thing a customer will notice after the building itself is the parking lot. Along with providing ample room for everyone who comes to your business, you need to keep the area clean and tidy. Have someone sweep the area on a regular basis to take care of trash, sticks, and any other debris. Keep lines freshly painted to avoid confusion, and hire a snow removal company to keep the lot cleared during the winter months.  

The Doorway 

You want your door to be inviting. All glass windows should be washed regularly to remove dust, spots, and finger prints. Make sure the door handles are wiped clean as well. Large mats both outside of the door and where people first step in are an excellent idea. This reduces the amount of dirt being tracked in, and it can provide safety on wet days. Awnings are also useful when the weather is damp. If space allows, you can add plants to each side of the door for a homey feel. 

When the outside of your business looks attractive and well kept, you will be making a wonderful first impression on your customers. They’ll appreciate the little touches you took your time with, and when they walk through the door they will already have a positive opinion of you and your business. 

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