May 1, 2016

Zen: Peace and Love in your Condo

One of the simplest desires that people have in life is the blessing of love and peace, especially in their homes. People often look to the south, searching for condominiums for sale in Pasig or in Taguig. While there are many different places to make into a home, the most important part is reaching the state of zen and finding peace and love in your condo. Zen is defined as the practice of meditation and over time, it soon became associated with the words “peaceful” and “calm” – which what a home should be.
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Some spiritualists would recommend getting rid of objects that are associated with negative events in a person’s life such as mementos of a former lover; this is connected to their system of belief that is not entire dissimilar to Feng Shui. Their belief stems from the idea that negative energy is collected through these objects therefore creating a more hostile atmosphere at home. While there isn’t a scientific basis to this, there is however an emotional explanation to these claims. 

It isn’t entirely impractical to dispose of objects that aren’t of any use anymore but being thrifty is never a bad thing. Here are some tips to help you achieve zen by finding peace and love in your condo:

Freshen up your surroundings:

One of the many causes of a deteriorating home life is the feeling of being trapped instead of comfortable in your own home. This is a terrible thing to experience because homes are meant to be relaxing and comfortable. A great way to change this is by freshening up your environment by making small changes here and there. Upgrading your furnishing is a good way to start. Changing the sheets, the curtains as well as the pillow covers will give you a sense of freshness that’s hard to beat.

Live it up

It’s a fact that people work way too much and so much so that they deserve to be happy. Consider saving up some money for a new television set or even new cooking tools. While these can somehow be considered as necessities, they are still wants. However, every human being is the same in that they follow the same hierarchy of needs; people need a validation of their efforts, even if that validation came in the form of a material object.

Keep the peace

One of the many things that couples and families do is that they argue. People can argue over little things and they can also argue about big things, however, this isn’t exactly productive. Some people would argue that venting off feelings is important but there are more peaceful and productive ways to cool down. Studies show that couples that argue more tend to live a less than stellar home life compared to couples who try to find a common ground through rational discussions. While ideal relationships would only have happiness and peace, reality isn’t that convenient. As much as possible, try to keep the peace and you’ll soon experience a great change in your home life.

Truth be told, there are many ways to find zen in your condo, your home. However, even if there are a thousand or a million material objects that you desire within your reach, the fact remains. You can only have peace if you are willing to find it. 

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