May 30, 2016

5 Ways to Plan Your Next Move

A move is in your future, but it certainly isn’t imminent. No, there isn’t a job transfer waiting nor are you seeking to retire. Instead, you want to replace your current home with another one, to suit your lifestyle. With time on your side, the pressure to make quick decisions isn’t a factor. To that end we’ll explore five ways to plan your next move.

1. What is driving your decision?

Is there something behind your decision to move you haven’t considered? Health reasons? A desire to save money? To move closer to family or friends? To enjoy a new start on life? It is important for you to know what is pushing your desire to move. It can be for good reasons, but just as easily you may feel pressured to move because of reasons out of your control.

2. When do you want to move?

Do you need to nail down a date for your move or can you live with a rough timeframe? If your move is more than a few years out, then begin planning to ensure that you have sufficient funds on hand to make the move. If you are retiring then get with a financial advisor to ensure you’re on course. Work out a budget to determine what you can live on whether you are retiring or not. Consider any cost of living differences as well as climate differences, such as a longer heating season. Neighborhood association and other fees may also be a factor.

3. Where do you want to move?

Do you have a destination in mind for your move? If it is far from your current home, how much do you know about the place? Have you visited it recently and done so at different times of the year? Now is a good time to revisit the area to learn your housing options. If you have friends or family there, then you have people who can help you find a place. Otherwise, connect with a real estate agent to learn your options.

4. How will you get there?

This last point can be easily answered if you want to leave the move to someone else, namely to professional movers. Since you’re not in a hurry to move, this is a good time to contact the moving companies to learn what to expect. Ask a representative to stop by, explain to you your moving options and give you a ballpark figure for your move. Of course, when the time comes to make a move, get three estimates to compare. Then, check each reference before making your decision advises Allied Moving.

5. Who will help you?

Is this a move you can accomplish by yourself or will you need someone else to help you? Some people can handle every aspect of their move, while others know they need help, but aren’t comfortable with asking for it. Do yourself a favor and put your feelings to the side. People who care for you want the best for you and want to pitch in to help. Right now, you may need someone to help you go through your items, separating what you want to keep from what you are willing to sell or donate. This individual can help arrange a garage sale or contact a nonprofit organization to cart away what you don’t need as well as obtain a tax receipt.

Plan Your Move

Once you’re ready to make your move, then set the planning process in place. Contact a real estate agent to place your home on the market, look for a new place, begin packing, and acquire your important documents. Ask for help early on and you’ll find volunteers willing to assist you.

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