May 20, 2016

Room-by-Room Moving Cleaning Tips

Your move is coming up and you’ve already decluttered your home and signed on with a major moving company. Life is good, but the toughest days are ahead. Even when you complete your packing, there are room-by-room cleaning that must be accomplished. We’ll take a look how to prepare each room in advance of your big move.


Your home has one, two or more bathrooms. As long as your home has been on the market, you’ve done an excellent job of keeping it clean, including the bathrooms. But you’re far from done. As you transition from one home to the next, there are several things you must do, including the following.

Wipe out all drawers. You’re cleaning all surfaces, but you must not forget all drawers, namely the vanity cabinets. Wipe out all drawers and disinfect same.

Attack fans and vents. Ceiling fans and vents are dust collectors. Ensure that these are freed too.

Disinfect as you go. Clean out the shower or bath stall as well as the toilet bowl and sink basin. Use a disinfectant to clean everything, including countertops, door knobs, and shower heads.

Sweep and mop the floor. The last task with any bathroom is to sweep the floor and mop same. Should you use a steam cleaner? No. But do be thorough in your cleaning.

Laundry Room

One room easy to overlook is the laundry room. Chances are you’ll complete your last load of laundry in your home just days before you leave, giving you ample opportunity to get the cleaning done. Here’s what you need to accomplish.

Back to the vents and fans. Just as you did in the bathrooms, you need to clean out and wipe down the vents and fans in the laundry room. Be mindful of gunk build up — you may need a special cleaner.

Are the washing machine and dryer staying or going? If staying, you’ll need to clean out the vent leading to the exterior, as well as the dryer lint collector. Run the washer once you put in a disinfectant.

Wipe out all drawers, clean all surfaces, and manage the shelves. Disinfect handles, door knobs, the countertop, and the sink.

Complete your laundry room work by sweeping and mopping the floor. Use a disinfectant to clean same.


The most important room in your house may be your kitchen. At least to the people buying your home. Therefore, it is important that this room receive a thorough cleaning. To that end, you’ll want to do the following:

Clean all light fixtures, blinds, windows, fans, vents and so forth.

Dust and disinfect all surfaces. From the top of the refrigerator to the range hood from all countertops, shelves, and other surfaces, you’ll have your work cut out for you as you clean, clean, and clean. This means starting from the top and working your way down.

Clean out all appliances. You’ll leave the refrigerator and stove behind. These two major appliances require quite a lot of work, so plan on spending the better part of a morning wiping out, disinfecting and managing same.

Once all surfaces, appliances and fixtures have been cleaned, then finish by sweeping and mopping the floor. Consider a deep clean scrub if the floor is especially dirty.

Living Rooms

Bedrooms, the family room, a dining room, living room, and the den all count as living rooms. Don’t forget the bonus room and any other room that doesn’t meet the first three criteria.

Here, you’ll need to repeat the process tackled in the other three areas, by dusting, wiping down, and disinfecting surfaces. You should also work on all fixtures, including ceiling lights, light switches, fans, and the like.

Clean out the closets, wiping down same. Use a disinfectant on the dirtiest surfaces. Once the furniture has been removed from each room, then wipe down the walls, chair rails and base boards, as needed.

Vacuum the carpets, then clean same. Where wood floors or linoleum are present, do likewise. At this point, go through the entire house and wipe window ledges and clean the windows.

Make Your Move

With your major cleaning behind you, you’re ready to make your move. Rise early on the day of your move and await the movers to arrive advises the Allied Moving Company

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