May 12, 2016

So, finally the home automation tool is here. Another feather on World's Technology cap

Finally, the whole world was treated with a fully functioning home automation system. The people who were lucky enough to witness the automation system first hand on the grand show are still raving about it. Who would have imagined 5 years ago that we could have the power to control everything in your house – the devices, appliances, house lighting, the security system and more – through our smartphone?

But with the advent of the home automation system, all these dreams are possible. Now you can switch on and off the lights from your couch, open the door from your bedroom; control your house temperature and cooling before you even reach back home from work. The home automation is another beautiful feather on the cap of world technology. We have been treated to brilliant technologies through the year but none so better.

What is Home Automation System?

So, for those of those who still don’t have an idea about what a home automation system is, it is basically a control system that allows you to setup rules and make all the devices and appliances in your house follow those rules and are under your control.

How does Home Automation Works?

In a nutshell, all the appliances in your house – your TV, the door, lighting, AC – basically everything is controlled through an app over your smartphone. All the hardware inside your house integrates all the electrical devices with each other to make your life easier. These activities are then controlled from the mobile app or through other devices over internet.

The home automation system includes three main elements. These are controllers, sensors and the actuators. These are really helpful to measure almost everything in your devices and allow you to control them through controller devices – the smart phones or tablets.

What Features do I get with Home Automation Systems?

Well the first home automation systems allow you a number of features such as controlling the temperature of your AC from anywhere, switch on and off your light and watch live feed of your house through the security cameras. A number of other automation systems are also announced and I bet they all will offer different set of functions and features for you to use.

What are the advantages of installing Home Automation System?

Although the cost of installing a home automation system would be huge at the starting because you would have to replace some of your devices as they won’t be compatible, but you will tend to save a lot on your utility bills through the intelligent use of the home automation systems in your house. Some of the benefits of the automation system include:
  • The home automation systems protect you from the possibility of break-in or burglary at your house. You can easily protect your house with the help of the security camera as you can allows keep a look out on things happening in and around your house.
  • You can easily switch the lights on and off around your house from anywhere. You can easily switch off those extra lights which your children leave open even from your workplace.
  • You can make sure that your house is well cooled up and at the right temperature when you arrive back home from a long, tiring day at the office.
  • You can easily control whoever enters and exit the house with an automated door. Now, you can open and close the front door with a touch of a button on your smartphone.
  • Well, one of the biggest advantages of the home automation system was that you are in control of your house wherever you are. And with wherever you are, we mean from any place possible – even from a family trip to the next state. You are always in control to whatever happens to your house.

Final Say

The home automation systems were launched to much fanfares. Although the prototypes and ideas were in place from much before, it never came into fruition until very recently. The response the automation system got was mind-blowing and by the look of the features we get from it, the control system is definitely here to stay for a long time.

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