May 31, 2016

Always Check the Construction Quality of your Home before Buying

One of the most important factors that you look for while buying a property is the quality of construction.  When buying a home for your family, safety and security are of utmost importance. Therefore, you would want your home to be constructed with the best quality materials. Construction quality also affects the resale value of the property so it is obvious you would want your investment to be a profitable one. 

The advancement of technology has brought newer and efficient ways to ensure quality and security in regards to the sturdiness of the property. Even so, make sure you take a thorough look as you would not want to invest in a property of poor construction quality.
Here are some ways to make sure the property you are purchasing complies with the quality standards necessary for a safe and secure structure.

Usually, all real estate developers promise top quality construction. They boast about using the best quality materials for construction. To be sure of their claim it is helpful if, along with the purchase agreement, the buyer is provided a schedule of amenities and their specifications.

Construction Standards
Before you book your apartment, a couple of visits to the site will give you a clearer understanding of the quality of construction and the materials being used.

Investigating the Soil:
Obviously, the quality of the soil on which the construction is happening is extremely important. the composition of soil varies from place to place. To ensure the soil is appropriate for construction, developers conduct a soil test. For your personal assurance, you can ask them for a copy of the results of such tests.
The structure of the construction:
To understand the structure and layout of the property, you can ask the architects for the design. Get advice from experts on the design will give you a better understanding and identify the loose ends if any. For example, if you are buying a property in Uttarpara, you can show the design copy to independent architects for an unbiased opinion before you go ahead with the purchase.

Concrete Mix:
The strength of the concrete mix is vital to ensure the structure is able to hold the load effectively. Thus, real estate developers monitor the strength of the mix closely. For your assurance you can ask the builder for the certification provided by the testing laboratory of the concrete mix.

Thickness of the walls:
The thickness or width of the walls is usually mentioned in the layout. You must visit the site to ensure the construction is taking place according to the mentioned specifications.

Fixtures and finishings:
You must check the bathroom fixtures, electrical wiring etc. to ensure they are certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Similarly, you should also check the plaster, tiles paint and flooring well. If there is any doubt you can ask the developer about the quality of materials used.

These are some things you can keep in mind when visiting the construction site. If the builder is using poor quality materials, it means you will have to spend extra on repair and maintenance. On the contrary, good quality materials will increase longevity and value of the structure.

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