May 24, 2016

Gardening 101

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Want to grow a garden but afraid to do so? No worries; you don’t have to be a green thumb just to do that. Gardening has a lot of benefits for the mind, body and environment, which made this hobby turn into a passion for some people. Don’t worry about the pests too because termite control Philippines will help you handle those annoying bugs. Here are some things you should know before setting up a garden:

Location, location, location
All plants are different, which means not everything can grow in your garden. Examine your area’s overall climate then research on what plants you can have. This is important so you’ll know the limits and possibilities. If you want, you can talk to someone who works in a garden center in your area so you can get a full orientation on the best plants for your region. Test the soil as well by sending a sample to a local nursery so you will know what kind of plants can thrive on the kind of soil you have.

Go easy
It’s always a better option to start with plants that are considered ‘easy’ to grow. Vegetables and herbs can be a fun introduction to gardening since they don’t take too long to grow. Plus, the satisfaction of being able to harvest your own vegetable is nothing beyond compare. If you like flowering plants, try growing sunflowers or moss roses.

Create a plan
Avoid crowding by research about your plants first so you know exactly how big they will get and how to space them out accordingly. Plants should have enough space to grow as crowding can cause stunting among plants. If you place the taller plants in front of the short ones then the latter will have limited sun exposure, which can slowly lead to the plant’s death. Find out which kinds are dependent on the sun and the ones that can tolerate little light. Keep a journal so you can track your gardening activity or you can use it to take note of interesting plants you’d like to include in your garden in the future

Don’t overwater your plants
As many people say, too much of everything is bad. This is especially true for plants since it is you who’s taking care of it. Make sure you are consistent in giving ample water, which can vary from plant to plant. However, newer plants may require more since their root systems are still growing. Make sure that the water penetrates the soil to ensure that the plant is really absorbing it.

Be patient
Gardening doesn’t happen in one day; it is a process that definitely takes time. Growing plants is almost like having a child or a pet with you. Plants are dependent in their owners to water them and make sure they are getting enough sunlight and nutrients. Don’t be impatient by fussing over your plants in hopes that they will grow immediately because proper maintenance is the greatest thing you can give your garden.

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Your love for your plants will be the main reason why they will thrive in your home. However, it is a guarantee that when you see how healthy and happy your plants are, your stress and all of the negativity in your life will be reduced.

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