May 5, 2016

Perks of Living in a Condominium


 Condominiums are now gaining popularity, not only because they provide a great amount of convenience for those who work and study around the condo area, but also because they provide a relief to condo residents especially now that traffic is an enormous nuisance that eats up most of everyone’s morning and afternoon commute. Rockwell condos in Pasig City are at the center of the busy city, where residents have easy access to services available in the vicinity.

Here are some perks you will enjoy when you find yourself in ownership of a condo.
Minimal maintenance

This one of the major perk of living in a condo. Other people do the exterior upkeep of your home for you, which means you don’t have to exert too much effort when you find something broken or disrepair. They are the ones who take care of the amenities, repair any damage you have in your unit. This is useful especially to those who are frequently out and about, rarely in their condo.

Privacy and security

Condominiums offer a fair amount of security. CCTV cameras keep an eye on its residents, fire alarms are there to so that the building doesn’t turn into ash, and guards roam and make sure there aren’t any suspicious people with ill intentions loitering in the halls. You also have a lot of neighbors nearby, you have plenty of people to ask help from if ever you are in a dire situation.

Freedom to renovate

You own your unit, so you are free to decorate your home as you see fit. You can re-paint your walls, install different light fixtures, even a chandelier if you’re feeling adventurous. The look of your condo is entirely up to you.


More often than not, condominiums have pools, a fitness center, multipurpose hall, and other facilities that are all available for the use of residents. These facilities are what the maintenance employees take care of, and where association dues go.


Developers aren’t going to put up condominiums in locations that wouldn’t catch any attention. People usually acquire condos to live nearer to their place of work or study. They are usually near places of leisure such as malls and parks if the kids need a quick lunch out, and bars, cafes, and restaurants if you love the nightlife, and walking home won’t be a problem.


Many condominiums are priced lower than houses because you’re only buying the living space and not the lot it’s on. Houses are sold with the lots, which is one of the reasons it is usually more expensive than houses.

These are some perks of living in the condo. People take care of your house and the facilities for you, security is tight, you can do whatever you want to your unit, you’re free to use the amenities, the location is great, and it’s not that expensive! But despite all of this remember to follow the management’s rules, and pay your association dues on time.

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