May 25, 2016

Steam Cleaning - An Easy Quick And Safe Method

Steam cleaning is the new age cleaning process that uses heat and water to clean surfaces. Steam cleaning uses the scientific process of cleaning and sanitizing with the help of steam.
It can be used to clean, remove dirty spots and stain marks form floor rugs, bed sheets, drapes and curtains. There are different types of additional enhancements for different purposes and you can also use it to clean oven, kill bed bugs, dust mites and other harmful allergens and bacteria.
Get to know the mechanism
Steam is the mechanism, where the water temperature rises and it can potentially damage the contacted surface.  You will be surprised to know that steam is even used to damage insect eggs but it should rise 180 degree Celsius. 

Steam cleaners can even generate higher temperatures and sanitize the surfaces from bacteria and viruses. The best part is that you don’t to use chemicals to damage them. You can kill microbes developing in the bedding, on the tiles and flooring.

Clearing the common confusion
Most of the people confuse steam cleaner with carpet shampooers. A carpet shampooer uses hot water, chemical. It uses it as a cleaning solution and does not take steam into account.

Another significant difference is that a steam cleaner will only use a steam and water converter in it. The valve helps the temperature to rise and successfully clears anything, depending upon the intensity.

There is an attached boiler to produce water vapor from the store water. This water vapor is then later converted to steam.  Steam cleaners vary in shapes and sizes and have large handles attached to it.

There are additional attachments which ensure complete removal of the dirt. There are long hoses that are used to clear larger surface area. The set also comes with concentrated hoses that are used to clear a smaller surface with deeper stains.

Types of steam cleaners

Cold steam
This is ideal for low intensity stain and light cleaning. It does not boil the water and it is rather humid. It only cleans the surfaces.

Hot steam
Widely used for its array of benefits. It can clear and sanitize in no time. it works on the boiling technology and there are certain temperature for certain type of cleaning.

Why is steam cleaning the best type of cleaning?
Commonly known as green cleaning, steam cleaning is environment friendly.  The fact that there is no usage of harmful chemicals and detergents make it safe to use around children and pets. Needless to say, it is excellent for house cleaning.

Not only it cleans the entire house in less time but does not leave any harmful residue. Moreover, you can even use them on clothes and utensils. Steam cleaning is the most used process in nursing homes and hospitals, as it is appropriate to use in hypoallergenic conditions.

Gone are the days where you have to clean floors and rooms with chemicals and then re-clean it with water. Now, you can easily disinfect and deodorize in no time. Just 100 percent water with give your family a 360 degree protection. 

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