Jan 5, 2016

Why is Tree Removal So Expensive?

Tree work is a high-risk occupation, second after commercial fishing. The cost of hiring or buying the necessary equipment also has a great impact on the price estimates. Due to the high risk of damage during tree work, the insurance covers come at a great cost which escalates the price tags for this nature of work. These are just some of the few reasons why it is so damn expensive to remove a tree from your home.

The insurance cover has a huge bearing on the cost of using tree removal services. The high risk encountered in this industry implies that the tree service companies pay high premiums in order for them to be adequately covered. For instance the workman’s compensation insurance is high and it can be compared to that taken for coal miners or ironworkers. At times the tree service companies have to pay close to 25% of their worker’s pay for insurance cover. On the other hand the liability could cost a company close to a million dollars for the liability policy to ensure that any damage in the event that it occurs during tree work.
The cost is further compounded with the cost of paying the workers of Tree Removal Company. The equipment used to remove trees also costs an arm and a leg and so is their maintenance cost.

Certain factors that affect the cost of tree removal:

Tree care companies normally estimate the time as well the cost of disposing the debris. Most of the companies will charge between $65 and $125 per man-hour. The sole reason why some companies charge more is in order for them to work at a faster pace. The aspects, which slow down the tree care companies are normally accessed, and this have a great bearing on the overall cost. The distance to be covered for the equipment to get to the site will also determine the amount to be charged for each work. Common obstacles are structures, wires as well as fences, other trees and plants.

For a company that is working on a tight site, lots of expertise needs to be factored in to ensure that the limited space is made use of appropriately. The tree will have to be removed in small pieces and ropes and rigging devices also have to be used to lower parts of the tree to avoid any damage on property or persons. All these implies that a lot of time will have to be used in removing the tree and this increases the overall cost.

Access to the worksite also determines the cost. Heavy equipment needs to be moved to the site and a less accessible site will attract a high price. Sites located in areas placed on steep slopes will also increase the cost as this will increase the time taken by the chipper to get to the site. The steep slope also implies that more manpower is used to keep the debris from backing up under the work area.

The span of the trees will also determine the cost. For those trees, which cover more one than yard, tree care providers normally treat this as a major challenge. This would mean that permission has to be obtained from the surrounding neighbors. An alternative to this is that of lowering the debris back to the worksite and this needs more skilled personnel and more time.

The use of a crane has become a popular choice for many tree care companies who can afford to own or hire it. This is normally employed in areas, which are less accessible due to the presence of many obstacles. Though this is costly it is more advantageous since there will be less cuts and less rigging devices will be used. The chance of accidents will also be markedly reduced with this technique. The efficiency of the use of crane will be determined by the skill of the climber and the crane operator. You thus have to inquire about the experience of the company in the use of cranes for their services. This will help to reduce the risk of the crane being tipped and tragically losing a load.

The condition of your tree will also have a huge bearing on the cost. The removal of dead trees will be costly. This is because of the amount of debris that will be left after the removal of a dead tree. Dead trees are fragile and they pose many risks during their removal as they can easily break and cause undue damage to property or people. It is thus recommended that for any tree, which seems to be dying, a certified arborist should examine it for it to be removed in a timely manner.

To cut down on the cost it will be prudent to undertake tree removal during the winter. It is also appropriate for tree service to be carried out at this time since wounds heal more easily as pest infestation is at the minimal. Though unfavorable weather conditions can hamper tree work, it remains the cheapest time to remove your trees.

Tree removal services come at an extra cost due to the reasons outline above. Although this is the case you need to make sure you are using certified tree service providers who have the necessary insurance covers.

Written by Robert Thompson, owner of LC Lawncare & Landscaping, where they are one of the best companies for tree removal in Columbia, MO.

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