Jan 19, 2016

10 Lucky Feng Shui Tips for your Interior

The right usage of colors can attract luck, abundance, and all good things to your home. These beliefs on good fortune are based on Feng Shui practices in which many also apply to their home interiors. For most of these practices also indicate the importance of color representation as well as the shapes and from of furniture and its placement which you can apply to your home decorations.

To be able to draw in the luck for this year, here are some Feng Shui tips you need to consider.

Fresh Flowers Daily

It is highly understood that good fortune is attracted to a fresh display of flowers. So if you want luck to come to your let’s say luxury home in Tagaytay, it would be a good idea to place some fresh flowers in vases on display

Avoid Thorny Plants
In addition to that tip is to never have thorny plants inside your home. Or if you love a specific thorny plant, It would also be advisable to leave out the thorny stems or remove them because it is said that it disrupts the flow of chi.

Red Door is a Must

The color of your door is something to also consider and since this is the main part of the house that welcomes your guest, you might want to paint it red. Because in Feng Shui, red is considered to be the strongest color representation for luck and happiness.

Black Door is a No

Black is a believed to attract bad luck. Why do you think many people avoid black cats when it’s passing by, it’s not just an ordinary superstitious belief as old people say.

White Interior
New homes usually have white interiors, mainly because white is the fengshui color of freshness and new beginnings and would most likely resonate in the whole ensemble of your home.

Furniture Placement

Ever wondered why a vacation house for sale has a certain pattern in terms of the placing of furniture, this is because the interior designers aim to balance a comfortable setting. Circular arrangements of furniture represent a sense of maintaining the flow of energy in a room.

Be Mindful of Paintings

Avoid paintings that strongly depict a sad or sorrowful ambiance. For example, shipwrecks or anything that gives off a sad aura.

Clutter-Free Home
A clutter free home is also highly respectable and indicates the natural flow of energy in a room which is necessary in maintaining a positive energy.

Throw out Damaged Stuff

Replacing or removing damaged furniture or small decors can also repel bad chi which of course is important keep the balance of positive energy.

Wrong Placing of Calendars

Hanging a calendar in your front door is a big no for most because it is said to be a reminder of each day passing and can affect the home’s residents longevity and existence.

Author Bio

Randolph Hoover and his family were originally from San Diego California but he is currently studying Business Administration in Umea University in Sweden. Aside from being a student, He also helps his parents with their home maintenance business in their home in Umea. He is also one of the marketing guys for Tagaytay Highlands

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